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Comment and conversation are part of critical engagement and are strongly welcomed. No one builds and reforms policy in a vacuum, even if disagreement may raise passions, especially on controversial issues. Yet we seek to maintain an ethical climate with minimal censoring that relies upon the integrity of each participant and interlocutor. Please see “Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy” for more specific expectations and requirements.

To submit a comment and/or participate in any interactive feature, simply log-in or, if a first time user, register your account. However, no one 13 years of age or under can register as a user.

By identifying users and interlocutors, Unbound hopes to counter the irresponsible language and interaction enabled by anonymity. However, all users under the age of 18 should not include their last name in their publicly displayed user name (or should choose a pseudonym), nor include any personally revealing information, such as location, in their profile bios.

Once logged in, you can join any conversation, which can be found under the forums tab or beneath any posted content item, including but not limited to articles, art, multimedia, and blogs. Comments are immediately posted on the site. Should a comment violate Unbound policy and your ethical agreement with Unbound, editorial staff may, but are not obligated to, remove that comment. Otherwise, Unbound endeavors to avoid censorship and provide for the free exchange of ideas. Please look for the visible moderator(s) who will help guide the conversation and help ensure constructive dialogue. Also, be on the watch for responses from the author/creator of the publication. You are encouraged to ask questions and invite debate with the author/creator.

Comments generally should not exceed 200 words. If you have a more substantial contribution, you are welcome to e-mail it to Unbound as a formal submission (see submission guidelines). Comments should be respectful, focused, and relevant to the conversation at hand. Comments should avoid ad hominem arguments or attacks, i.e. should not target an interlocutor’s character. In addition, you agree not to post any content that otherwise violates the Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This page is intended to supplement, not replace, the legally binding Terms of Service Agreement.

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