Statement on Diversity

Unbound recognizes that society is marked both by diversity and by social patterns that structure and sometimes restrict that diversity and oppress individuals who do not conform. While acknowledging universal human complicity, particularly on the part of any who occupy places of ‘privilege,’ Unbound strives to avoid and to dismantle, as much as possible, any and all structures of oppression. Therefore, Unbound affirms that:

  1. All human beings are created in God’s image and are therefore deserving of respect and dignified treatment;
  2. God created the human community in abundant plurality, and that plurality is a gift;
  3. With all of its diversity, the body of Christ remains singular and unified, an interconnected web of “being,” for when one member of the body suffers, all suffer, and when one rejoices, all rejoice;
  4. Based in part on that interconnectivity, God created humanity for relationship and community; but
  5. Bent toward sin, human history is marked by instance after instance of individuals and communities breaking down the unity of the body by asserting themselves over and against other individuals and communities, establishing patterns of systemic exclusion and predation.


Unbound commits to:

  1. Regard all human beings as children of God, resisting all forms of discrimination based on human demographics;
  2. Honor the unity of the human community without obscuring its plurality and gifted differences;
  3. Create community that intentionally challenges and crosses socially-imposed barriers based upon class, culture, race, age, ability, gender identity, sexual identity, ideology, and place of origin;
  4. Oppose all systems of oppression, including the ones in which we ourselves participate; and
  5. Engage in continuing self-examination, while seeking out new learning, training, and partnership opportunities which might further our discipleship, inclusion, and commitment to justice.

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