Video and Audio Submission

We invite a diverse range of multimedia which lifts up issues of social justice and faith: videos, music, etc. Please review our upcoming journal issue themes and our site content to see if Unbound might be a good home for your production. Unbound encourages its multimedia artists to think outside of the box and to express themselves creatively, in ways not possible in the traditional format of a written article. Unbound welcomes multimedia that is grounded in your personal experiences, hopes, and frustrations. Unbound’s primary considerations in its acceptance or rejection of video and audio submissions are: originality; relevance to the journal’s mission and/or issue themes; appropriateness for a faith-based journal with viewers of a wide variety of ages; and whether the production offers a critique of society, church, unjust social mores and/or political policies.

In addition, all videos must be accompanied by a signed release of any individuals who are depicted in the video(s). In the event that the individual depicted is under the age of 18, the release must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

If you would like to submit a written explanation, please submit that explanation in Microsoft Word, as an attachment, with your production.

To submit your production, it is preferable to email a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or your website. Sound and video files may be accepted when emailed directly if compatible with our programs. If you would like to email a CD or DVD through postal mail, please email Unbound with your request and if approved, Unbound will provide you with an address.

Artists should be willing to respond to questions from Internet viewers/listeners of their work.

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