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Action Alerts are actionable items that may change at any moment. We endeavor to share these with our readers and implore them to look deeper into these events and stories via our site, our Twitter account, and Facebook account.

Author Rev. Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop

The Pregame Warm Ups for Super Bowl XLIX

Soft Footballs, Crying Quarterbacks, and Other Offensive Formations Super Bowl week is here! And that means that the NFL is stretched out in all of its media glory for America to adore and, more now than perhaps ever in the … Continue reading

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Call for Articles on Education!

Interested in being part of our next issue? Unbound is currently seeking articles about justice in education! Education has historically been an important part of the Reformed tradition. From Calvin’s schools in Geneva to Presbyterians advocating for equity and quality … Continue reading

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La Oroya Carousel

Join Us for a Webinar on Trade Justice!

Originally posted on the Office of Public Witness’ blog. Register for the webinar here! Building an Economy of Inclusion Through Fair Trade Tuesday, January 20th, 3:00-4:00pm (EST) Join the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment for a webinar just … Continue reading

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Learning from Organizers in New Haven: Interview with Mothers for Justice

Mothers for Justice is a grassroots group that has done work in partnership with Self-Development of People. Ginna: Can you tell me a little bit about who Mothers for Justice (MFJ) is and what you all do? Kimberly Clark: Mothers … Continue reading

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