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Action Alerts are actionable items that may change at any moment. We endeavor to share these with our readers and implore them to look deeper into these events and stories via our site, our Twitter account, and Facebook account.

Presbyterians for a Faithful Budget

CALL TO ACTION:  Join Presbyterians in Washington, D.C. on Sep. 12th Earlier this month, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)’s Office of Public Witness (OPW) announced an event in Washington, D.C. for Presbyterians to advocate a budget which will live out the Christian … Continue reading

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Government Response to Standing Rock: An Affront to Religious Freedom

Before I traveled to the Oceti Sakowin camp, I viewed the events unfolding on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota primarily as an environmental protest. This is largely the frame used by the media: people trying to protect their … Continue reading

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Author Rev. Sung Yeon Choi Morrow

Don’t Display Your Solidarity, Express it!

Article originally published in the Presbyterian Outlook on November 15, 2016: This is not a piece about Standing Rock and the water protectors. This is a reflection to expand the narrative of what happened during the clergy action visit … Continue reading

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Native American Groups Call Presbyterians to Prayer for Standing Rock Sioux

More than four thousand people have gathered at Camp of the Sacred Stones, three separate prayer camps north of Cannon Ball, North Dakota, near the northern border of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation. The people, known as “Water Protectors,” … Continue reading

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