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The gehenna of our own making: Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty, Reviewed. -by Rob Moore Kathryn Bigelow’s film is the spiritual successor to 2008’s tremendous “war-is-a-drug” Oscar-winner The Hurt Locker, and in many ways is that film’s long, messy conclusion. In The Hurt Locker she explores themes of … Continue reading

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rise of the spiritual activist

Book Review: “Rise of the Spiritual Activist”

A review of Guillermo Márquez-Sterling’s new book, Rise of the Spiritual Activist: A Beginner’s Guide for Integrating Faith and Justice. In his book, Rev. Márquez-Sterling provides the philosophical foundation for spiritual activism as well as interviews with spiritual activists in … Continue reading

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the green zone

Book Review: “The Green Zone”

The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism by Barry Sanders, AK Press, 2009 Reviewed by Shannan Vance-Ocampo   View and Print as PDF.   In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and for those of us concerned about environmental damage … Continue reading

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america and its guns by james atwood

America Held Hostage by Gun Violence

America and Its Guns: A Theological Expose by James E. Atwood Purchase from Cascade Books: Wipf & Stock Publishers   America leads the industrialized world in gun deaths. Children in the U.S. are 12 times more likely to die from … Continue reading

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