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“From the Slave Dungeons of Cape Coast”

A Nigerian Presbyterian Reflects on the Global Slave Trade ***** AUTHOR BIO: Jessie Fubara-Manuel is the secretary of the Tumekutana Gathering of Reformed Women in Africa. She is a poet, an elder in the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, and a … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors?: #50shadesofabuse

 With the film Fifty Shades of Grey hitting theaters, it’s time to speak up: Sexual violence is not entertainment. Originally published as an article in the Presbyterian News Service. I’ve had it. This time we cannot roll our eyes, snicker under … Continue reading

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“Selma, Lord, Selma”

From Admiration to Action Five children (4 girls and 1 boy, who departs in the opposite direction halfway down) are walking down steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church. They are discussing typical girlish things. “I got my hair pressed … Continue reading

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A 2014 Christmas Letter

Prayers for for Jerusalem, Gaza, Israel, the Greater Middle East…Iran….Pakistan… Cuba…North Korea…Nigeria…and our trouble spots in the US. This is not an article exactly, but nor is it a digital Christmas card. Let’s call it a Christmas letter. We do … Continue reading

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