Author: Patrick David Heery
Date: May 8, 2012
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Inside Agitators: Seminarians for Justice

May/June 2012 Issue Table of Contents

Seminary and divinity school students write about social justice ministry and advocacy on their campuses: Can these inside agitators connect?
Introductions to the Issue
Letters to a Seminarian
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Texas)
Claremont School of Theology (California)
Columbia Theological Seminary (Georgia)
Fuller Theological Seminary (California)
Harvard Divinity School (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Interdenominational Theological Center (Atlanta, Georgia)
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Kentucky)
McCormick Theological Seminary (Chicago)
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (Pennsylvania)
Princeton Theological Seminary (New Jersey)
San Francisco Theological Seminary (California)
Union Theological Seminary (New York City)
Yale Divinity School (New Haven, Connecticut)


If you are interested in joining the leadership team that will be envisioning and creating a national network of seminary and divinity school students committed to social justice, please contact us.