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 Honest Patriotism
Fall 2017

Honest Patriots Take Responsibility
Henry Koenig Stone 

“Whether it is a person or a nation that you love, it does not serve them well to ignore their mistakes. Honesty distinguishes actual love from pride.” In this opening editorial for Honest Patriotism, Henry introduces a desire to challenge widespread assumptions about what really it means to love one’s country.
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Draft Resolution on Honest Patriotism for GA 223,
Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP)

The following draft resolution is open to comment [HERE] through Thanksgiving Day, 11/23/2017. The Advisory Committee for Social Witness Policy will present a final version at the 223rd General Assembly of PC(USA) in 2018.
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Choosing Vulnerability in the Wake of #MeToo
Henry Koenig Stone

“Common decency, faith values, and any sort of love for each other—each of these demands that we accept common responsibility for and beyond our individual actions.”  In light of the #MeToo social media campaign and recent revelations about specific abuses of power, Henry writes that men need to be willing to give up the sense of a right to power over others.
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Harsh Truths for Reformation Sunday
Shannon Craigo-Snell

“As the inheritors of the charism of Luther, of Calvin, of those young pastors who risked their lives in service to the Good News, it is our particular duty to lead the fight against the corrupt Christianity that has so much power in our nation today.” Shannon turns an honest eye toward the church, citing Reformed faith as a movement which must ever reject the religious abuse of power.
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Stop Overdosing on Bad Marijuana Policy
Alexander E. Sharp

“How much more evidence do we need for our political leaders to recognize that continuing to fight a punitive War on Drugs not only defies common sense about how drugs should be scheduled, but does so does in a discriminatory way, violating our most cherished national values?”
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