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A Pedagogy for the Distressed

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Thinking about the Mission of Public Education

Setting the Stage: Why Does It Matter?
Stories From the Front Lines: Interviews with Educators
Somewhere to Start: “Educate a Child, Transform the World” Campaign
Struggles and Sacrifices
  • Public Schools and the Public Good: The Social Contract We Have ‘Left Behind’, Jan Resseger
  • Standing in Solidarity: Social Witness in Little Rock During Brown v. Board, Rev. Don Campbell
  • Growing up in North Carolina during Brown v. Board of Education, Dr. Christine Darden
  • Degrees of Debt: The Increasing Demand for and Cost of Higher Education in the U.S.,
    Tad Hopp
  • Education for Students with Learning Differences and Special Needs, Trace Haythorne
  • The School-to-Prison Pipeline, Janet Wolfe
Strategies and Solutions
  • Churches in Education and the Separation of Church and State, Dave Brown
  • Presbyterian Alternatives: Schools Serving Those Whom Current Educational Systems Have Failed, Kristena Morse
  • Parent Power for Change: Advocacy and Reform for English Language Learners, Interview with Pat Jelly
  • ELL Classes, the Body of Christ, and the Power of Mutual Cultural Exchange, Blake Collins
  • When Students Fall Through the Cracks: How Congregations Can Step Up
  • Insurmountable Debt and Rising Tuition: A Student’s Perspective, Scott Rossiter
  • Financial Aid for Service: What the Presbyterian Mission Agency Can Offer Students in Debt, Laura Bryan
  • Freedom Schools, Sharde Chapman
  • Gender In Educational Systems: How I Found My Voice at a Women’s College, Carol Ferguson
  • Congregational Toolkit: How to be an Advocate for Public Education, Resource from the Office of Public Witness