Current Issue


Addiction, Drug Policy, and the Body of Christ

Past Approaches and Present Concerns
Addiction: A Social and Theological Problem
Legalization, De-Criminalization, Public Policy, and the Criminal Justice System
  • Testimony from the Richmond, CA Hearing, Sam Vaughn
  • Testimonies from the Richmond, CA Hearing, Dorsey Nun
  • Testimonies from the Richmond, CA Hearing, Andres Soto
  • Help Wanted: Job Description of A Drug Dealer, Rev. Alonzo Johnson
  • A Case Needle Exchange Programs: One Church’s Story, Rev. George Kerr
  • Drug Convictions and Sentencing Reform, Kara Gotsch
The ‘War on Drugs’ and Militarization
  • Testimony: The Drug War and Central America, Ted Lewis
  • The Drug War, Militarization, and Colombia
  • The Drug War In the U.S