Current Issue: The Unfulfilled American Promise

Stories of the people left behind…

Reparations to Repair Today’s Widening Rifts: A White Millennial Endorsement of the Reparations Conversation
Henry Stone

Today’s injustice is sufficient reason to substantiate the need to repair our society.” Managing Editor Henry Koenig Stone responds to the long-standing (and long-ignored) cries for reparations by pointing to systemic inequalities which cement the enduring impact of inequality over centuries.

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MLK’s Mantle in 2018: Barber, Theoharis, and Strategy for the Poor People’s Campaign
Chris Iosso

Senior Editor Chris Iosso draws parallels between the 2018 Poor People’s Campaign, led by William Barber and Liz Theoharis, to the Poor People’s Campaign carried out in the wake of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death.  But will the Campaign succeed in its call for Moral Revival?  “Denominations, pastors, and congregations will have a key role to play in determining how and whether the Campaign is heard and acted upon.”

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