Current Issue

 “That They May Be One?”

photo of hand resting upon opened BibleThinking Ecumenically for the 21st Century

Week 1
  • Ecumenical Poetry, Prose, and Practice: An Opening Editorial, Rev. Dr. Chris Iosso
  • Reconciled Diversity: An Ecumenical Vision for the 21st Century, Rev. Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick
  • Ecumenical Chaos and the Christian Ecosystem, Rev. Dr. Michelle Bartel
  • The Legacy of Harry Emerson Fosdick, Dr. Robert Trawick
Week 2
  • Serving Ecumenically is My Profound Joy!, Rev. Dr. James Ellis Fouther, Jr.
  • For the Common Good of our “Whole Inhabited Earth”: Ecumenical Advocacy in our Nation’s Capital, Nora Leccese and Catherine Gordon
  • Making Visible the Cords of Love: The Ecumenical Witness of the PC(USA) in the UN Community
  • Snapshots of the New ‘De Facto’ Ecumenism: A Personal Faith Journey, Amy Beth Willis
  • Ecumenical Collaboration and Social Change, Rev. Dr. Marian McClure Taylor
Week 3
  • What’s the Point? Denominations, Ecumenism, and Full Communion Agreements, Rev. Robina Winbush
  • Snapshots of the New ‘De Facto’ Ecumenism: Collegiate Ministry, Rev. Miriam Foltz
  • Snapshots of the New ‘De Facto’ Ecumenism: Chaplaincy, Beth Olker
  • The High-Voltage Joy of the Mystical Ecumenical Microchurch, Rev. Andrew William Smith
  • It’s About Your Neighbors and our World House, An Interview with Rev. Aimee Moiso
Week 4
  • The World Council of Churches’ Commission on Churches and International Affairs, Emily Welty
  • Peace Camp: Contextual Ecumenical and Interfaith Collaboration, Rev. Blair Buckley
  • Mainline Ecumenism and the National Council of Churches, Dr. Elesha Coffman
  • “To be Presbyterian is to be Ecumenical”, Interview with Rev. Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick
  • CommUNITY Vacation Bible School, Rev. Christina Barry
Week 5
  • From Sheep Stealing to Kingdom Building: Evangelism in the Ecumenical Context, Dave Loleng
  • Snapshots of the New ‘De Facto’ Ecumenism: The Federated Parish, Cheryl Fields
  • Emphasis on the ‘Movement': From Ecumenical Reflection to Ecumenical Action, Rev. Joanna Hipp
  • Snapshots of the New ‘De Facto’ Ecumenism: New Worshiping Communities, Rev. Jennifer DiFrancesco
  • Pope Francis and Accra: Ecumenical Consensus on Poverty and Environment, Shantha Ready Alonso
Week 6
  • The Counter-Narrative: Institutional Ecumenism that Continues to Thrive
  • Is ‘Religion’ Holding Us Back?: Ecumenical Mission in a Post-Secular Age, Greg Williams
  • Global Christianity, Ecumenism, and Theological Education, Rev. Dr. Raimundo Barreto
  • Closing Editorial, Rev. Ginna Bairby