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  • Before I traveled to the Oceti Sakowin camp, I viewed the events unfolding on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota primarily as an environmental protest. This is largely the frame used by the media: […]

  • In March 1948, theologian Reinhold Niebuhr graced the cover of Time. His appearance came at the end of two decades in which Niebuhr had risen to cultural prominence not just as a religious thinker, but also as […]

  • Climate change has quickly emerged as one of the world’s greatest threats. You only need to turn on the television or peruse a newspaper to see the devastating effects on environments and communities around t […]

  • A Response to the Foothills Presbytery Overtures

    I try to avoid getting bogged down in the details of church polity.

    Generally, this is because I think it leads us to spend too much time looking inward and […]

    • Thank you so much for calling these proposals to my attention, Benjamin. Not that I can really fear that they’ll be approved, but really, what disruption! Better to set the themes for Big Tent than to turn GA into something between a rubber stamp and a plain waste of money because it can do nothing. That GA is the council of commissioners from other councils, as presbyteries are councils of commissioners from congregations, does not put GA over particular churches, but gives us a life as a connectional community. How sad that some of our body should so grasp at straws.

    • There s no evidence that the PCUSA has been following God’s call anyway; frankly it has strayed horribly. The denomination is dying, General Assembly is a waste of time, talent, energy and money. Let the denomination fade away and let’s be grateful that there are parts of the Body of Christ that are truly following God’s call.