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  • What do church buildings, nations, and marriages have in common?

    They all need to leave a sacred space for divergent opinions.

    Lots of things happen in sacred spaces. Janitors clean churches up after big […]

  • You’ve surely heard of sanctuary congregations, restaurants, universities and cities.  You probably have listened to their political opponents snark and snarl when they say the word “sanctuary”.  But it is a […]

    • Couple of points wrt sanctuary and immigrants:
      People are concerned about illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants. Conflating the two is not helpful, as pretty much everybody knows better.
      Back when I was on the Social Justice and Peacemaking committee of the Presbytery of Lake Huron, thirty years ago, I was assured that forgiveness could actually be complete without giving the forgiven individual another shot. That’s what they said, anyway, but the results called for made me wonder.

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    Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper is Senior Minister at Jud­son Memo­r­ial Church in New York City and author of 30 books, including recently-published Grace at Table: Small Spiritual Solutions to Large Material […]

  • ThumbnailA review of Guillermo Márquez-Sterling’s new book, Rise of the Spiritual Activist: A Beginner’s Guide for Integrating Faith and Justice. In his book, Rev. Márquez-Sterling provides the philosophical foundation for […]

  • ThumbnailOccupy Faith and partners are launching a Rolling Jubilee, a people’s bailout to help eliminate debt—and make a stand in the face of our moral crisis of money, debt, and power. Rolling Jubilee may signal an […]