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  • (Because Real Discourse Requires…)

    The September 6 issue of The New York Times featured an Op Ed article by David Brooks who exposed Donald Trump’s mis, dis, and simply false information about the effects of […]

    • Hillary couldn’t figure out a way to explain her policies. In fact, other than “more of the same”, I couldn’t figure out if she had any.
      Trump promised a lot, much of which resonated with the voters.
      Given the number of counties which voted twice for Obama and switched to Trump, I’m not seeing where racism had anything to do with this election, not solely because only whites were running. The charge seemed to be a reflex on the part of the Hillary supporters. And republicans got a slightly higher percentage of the black vote than usual, so it may be time to retire the dead fish of “racism” as a reflexive accusation. Nobody’s bought it in decades, anyway.

  • While I agree with Rev. Henry regarding the use of “scarcity of resources,” to fill the coffers of the rich and empty the bellies of the poor, I also have to make a claim for the human need to generate populations […]

  • So, Once upon a time I lambasted Capitalism. Now my prophetic guns are aimed at Plutocracy and the rise of the anonymous any____ (fill in). How do I know where to aim? Well, if the Bible were not good enough […]