Short Takes on Peace

Short Takes on Peace
Video clips of speakers and others gathered at a conference as part of the ongoing PC(USA) peace discernment process.

Episode 1: Margaret Aymer and Kate Colussy-Estes.  Professor Aymer challenges us to take note of the images of violence Jesus employed even as he sought to transform the values and practices of his society. Chaplain Colussy-Estes talks about attitudes and actions of college students related to violence, war, and peacemaking.
Episode 2: Andrea Bartoli, Kayla Rice and Rebekah Webster.  Professor Bartoli combines a vision of Jesus as “de-violencer” with a practical political scientist’s understanding of war. Students Kayla Rice and Rebekah Webster reflect on events on their respective campuses.
Episode 3: Emily Welty, David Smith and Ishmael Dula.  Professor Welty speaks about the Occupy Movement as a form of nonviolent social change in the US. Students David Smith and Ishmael Dula talk about a generation that is moving beyond past assumptions about differences being divisive.

Episode 4: Allan Boesak, Carolyn Gilbert and Jessica Hawkinson.  Rev. Boesak discusses the impact that the violence of apartheid had on everybody in South Africa, not only on those most directly involved as perpetrators or victims. Students Carolyn Gilbert and Jessica Hawkinson point to the importance of activism and theological reflection in peacemaking.
Episode 5: Charles Amjad-Ali, Anne Cerniglia, David Earlywine. Professor Amjad-Ali sees nationalism and fundamentalist ideology, rather than authentic religious tradition, as a source of violence and terror. Students Anne Cerniglia and David Earlywine share their thoughts about peacemaking.
Episode 6: Paul K. Chappell,Tommy Ross, Olivia Cook.  Chappell, a West Point graduate and Iraq veteran, now uses his strategic training on nonviolent campaigns. Tommy Ross, military and intelligence advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—and excerpt of whose address is provided—thinks overall US policy needs to keep forceful methods in the “toolbox.”
Episode 7:Richard A. Horsley, Linda Morgan-Clement.  Professor Horsley maintains that Jesus led a reform movement that challenged the Roman empire as well as the Jewish authorities. Chaplain Morgan-Clement discusses strategies for energizing students for peacemaking.
Episode 8: Short Takes Background: Patrick Heery, editor, Presbyterians Today and former Unbound editor, explains how these videos came to be and invites viewers to join the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s peace discernment process.