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A Seat at What Table?

Connecting back to last issue’s theme, Defending the Common Good, Sue Smith challenges the current position of the church in discussions surrounding issues of climate change, fossil fuels, and financial investment. As with all scenarios of potential divestment, the perceived … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Lamps Burning

Faith in a Time of Climate Peril Within a song or hymn, one can often find insights into how to cope with setbacks and hardships. The old African-American spiritual “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning” presents a dim reality: a … Continue reading

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In Defense of Truth

In the McCarthy Era, newspapers had a problem. They tried hard, as we might say in modern parlance, to be “fair and balanced.” But, in trying to do so, they actually made things worse. Senator Joseph McCarthy would accuse various … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Walls: A Collaborative Response to Climate Change

Originally published on October 27, 2016 at http://www.fossilfreepcusablog.org/blog/breaking-down-walls-a-collaborative-response-to-climate-change Environmental advocates on all sides of the PC(USA)’s divestment debate at June’s General Assembly meeting were dismayed, if not depressed, by the outcome. We entered the week with one widely supported overture … Continue reading

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