Take Action

Unbound is taking the online journal to the next level, becoming a community that meets online to analyze, discuss, and strategize, and having done so, goes back into the world to act and work, locally and globally, for justice. This component of Unbound is in process, and likely always will be. It will evolve as the journal evolves. It will take on new dimensions as Unbound gains users, explores new topics, and integrates the practices of people working on the ground, in the trenches. Follow any of the links below to find out how the Unbound community is already getting involved. Let’s do something!

Action Alerts: New developments inviting immediate action through worship, petitions, boycotts, adult and youth education, letter-writing campaigns, consumption practices, lobbying, protests, and more.

Campaigns: Ongoing campaigns designed to effect long-term, substantive change in terms of any number of justice needs. Find out more about these campaigns and opportunities for involvement.

Community Action Center: An evolving online center for equipping, networking, and organizing local, regional, and global justice efforts.

Donate: Eventually, we will provide you with a direct ability to donate to the journal or to the Presbyterian Church (USA). For the moment, we are providing links to donation centers.

Get Involved with Unbound: Ways you can be more than just a reader, but an active participant and creator of Unbound.