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    Many Christians have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement. Many others have not. What would Jesus do?


    The General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) says John Calvin would have joined the Occupy Movement: http://www.wcrc.ch/node/694.



    The OWS movement seeks redress of many different injustices and I believe that Jesus would agree that most of them need addressing. The movement has so far only held a mirror up to those they see as responsible for the ills of society and has not formally made demands as to a remedy. Of this too, I think Jesus would approve as His approach to individual wrongdoing was personal introspection and personal change as opposed to rules, laws or punishments. He tried to teach us that how we treated each other was important to our own soul but he never tried to force anyone to treat another in a certain way. When he saw the woman being stoned, he did not throw the stones back at her accusers or even demand that they stop. He made each of them examine their own lives and if they had a right treat her as they were. That being said and while His view of the rich, camels and needles is well know, I am not sure that He would join the movement as he would tell ALL of us to shun material wealth and seek to be closer to God.


    Dustin Edan

    I believe Jesus told us it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle … at a place for worship is not evidence of the first Occupy Wall Street movement

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    Occupy Wall Street protesters will have a hard time job hunting and getting jobs! Reason = They display many behaviors employers NEVER want in people they hire. How can protesting in Occupy Wall Street result in harming future job hunting prospects? This article explains.

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