Poetry: Ecological Lament and Dirty Embodiment

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Well It is barbaric. A hum drowning out the chattering lakeshore. Unwanted penetration and a mechanized din. A tower shining like a false moon through the trees we planted. God, whose Son was stripped and savaged, Feels the lash in a piney corner of nowhere. Clean Surely God cannot be found out here.  The eternal


Morality and the Administration’s Proposed Budget

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The Administration has just submitted its budget proposal to Congress. Months of negotiation and compromises will follow. The proposal in itself deserves moral evaluation. Every budget-- whether it is that of a business, a family, or a church-- contains many moral decisions. All human social creations reflect moral decisions as they include choices as to how people will be treated. Fundamental to all viable moral systems is the foundation of treating each human being with the dignity due all human beings. But particular moral perspectives assume their own history, relativity, and perspective.

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    Chris:We were asked by the General Assembly of the church to look at the Doctrine of Discovery to understand its implications historically and the contemporary damage that it continues to do. I don’t think there is any more historic perspective among the Native American Presbyterians than yours and that of

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    Does the name Mohammed Mossadegh ring a bell for you? For your congregation?  It did not for the New York Times when it published the article “The Tension between America and Iran, Explained”.  A major boulevard in Tehran is named for this historical figure of the 20th century, but in

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    The words “settlers” and “territories” harken back to the earliest stories that came from the Europeans who sailed to the “New World.” They have complicated histories which go back to our nation’s original sins of slavery and the genocide of indigenous peoples. But Americans don’t have a monopoly on these

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    Lee:                                                      Elona, please introduce yourself to the Unbound audience and tell us a little bit about the work you are doing. Elona:                                                   Well, my name is Elona Street-Stewart. Delaware Nanticoke is my tribe, and I am the Synod Executive of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies here

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    Lee:                                                       Doreen please introduce yourself and tell us about yourself and what kind of work you’re doing, just so we can get to know you a little bit. Doreen:                                                 Uvafa Nutaaq, Utqiabvigmiu. Aapaga Samuel Simmonds, aakaga Martha Afupqana Simmonds, suli Hester Tugli Simmonds. Translation: My name is Nutaaq,

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    Scrawled on a page of my Choctaw Hymn book is the Choctaw version of Matthew 7:7, “Hvsh asilhhakma, hvch ima he; hvsh hoyokmvt, hvsh ahayucha he; hvsh soko hakma, hvchin tiwa he oke.” Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will


Ecumenism in the Era of World Christianity

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Almost a century ago, William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, affirmed that the ecumenical movement was the great new fact of our era. [1] At the time, the ecumenical movement seemed to be one of the most vibrant events of the twentieth century, and its range extended overwhelmingly. Uruguayan theologian Julio de Santa Ana spoke of


La Eco-Justicia: Un Modo de Cuidar La Creación

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Una Mirada Eco-Teológica de la Mayordomía, la Eco-Justicia y la Eco-Espiritualidad This article is also available in English.   Por: Rvda. Neddy Astudillo   Un sentimiento inquieto sopla libre en estos días, mientras las palabras del Evangelio continúan proclamando: “Ve y comparte las Buenas Nuevas con toda la creación” (Marcos: 16:15). Como pastora de un


Uncle Sam Still Wants You—But You Have a Choice.

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Are you aware that you are still required by law to register for the draft? I can hear your incredulity detector going off from here. “We have an all-volunteer military,” you say, “so the draft is an anachronism from WWII and the Vietnam War.” And you would be right, except that in 1980, as a


We Shall Not Be Moved: Advocacy in the New Age of Voter Suppression

15 mins read

An Excerpt from the Office of Public Witness’ New Study Guide on Voting Rights and Voter Suppression By Mara Sawdy and Nora Leccese – Read and/or download entire resource here! Introduction At the direction of the General Assembly, we at the Office of Public Witness have compiled resources to aid individual church members and congregations

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