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w. travis mcmaken

Occupy Wall Street Is Doing the Church’s Work

Helmut Gollwitzer and Economic Justice¹ Abstract: Helmut Gollwitzer’s legacy as a politically concerned pastor and theologian is instructive for those today who want to take seriously both what Christian faith means for socio-economic justice and what that concern for socio-economic

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anna louise inn protest

Save the Anna Louise Inn: A Safe Home for Women

11 mins read

Western & Southern Financial Group Wants to Tear Down Affordable Housing for Women and Build Condos — Don’t Let Them! By Susan Quinn Bryan, Cincinnati, Ohio   August 5, 2012, is Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday. But it is not just another “issue” day. It is churches in the Presbytery

ITC Ministry Conference

A Seminary where the Students Are Still Marching

15 mins read

Interdenominational Theological Center Elyse Ambrose examines the strong history of commitment to justice that the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) has demonstrated and how that same enthusiasm exists in the ITC community today. She outlines the perspectives and justice concerns of students and faculty. Academic courses that support the cause of

Union in NYC

Justice at Union Theological Seminary (NYC)

12 mins read

Legacy of Justice, Lens for Action As much as we may wish to believe that justice is a function of our institutions, justice always has a countercultural voice—an inherent tension with institutionalized power. By Thia Reggio   View and print as PDF.   Union Theological Seminary in the City of

Kelly Jean Norris-Wilke, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary student

What an Urban Seminary Is Doing to Advocate Social Justice Beyond the Iron Gates

11 mins read

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary One Seminarian’s Perspective By Kelly Jean Norris-Wilke   View and print as PDF.   I am standing on pavement covered in graffiti. Letters from friends and loved ones spray-painted onto the black top. Letters saying goodbye to a seventeen-year-old community member shot on this spot on a

Katherine Pater

Occupy Harvard

16 mins read

Harvard Divinity School Interview with Katherine Pater, 3rd Year Master of Divinity Student Interviewed by Patrick David Heery   View and print as PDF.   On April 24, 2012, I interviewed Katherine Pater, a third-year Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), pursuing ordination within the Presbyterian Church

faithful budget press conference

Can a Church Budget Also Be Faithful?

9 mins read

Learning from the Faithful Budget Campaign By Emily Hope Morgan   The recent Faithful Budget Campaign is causing a stir in the political and spiritual world. It calls upon Congress to formulate a federal budget that serves the common interests of all Americans, while guaranteeing particular protections for the most

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