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Occupy Wall Street Is Doing the Church’s Work

Helmut Gollwitzer and Economic Justice¹ Abstract: Helmut Gollwitzer’s legacy as a politically concerned pastor and theologian is instructive for those today who want to take seriously both what Christian faith means for socio-economic justice and what that concern for socio-economic

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A Reason to Hope, Again

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A Reflection on Ecumenical Advocacy Days   By Claudia Aguilar   I was born and raised in a time and place where people’s claims for justice were more like loud cries, but no one would listen to them and nothing would change. The voices of millions were silenced with money,

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Become a Food Justice Fellow!

5 mins read

Food Justice Fellows ~ Class of 2012 Applications Due by April 1, 2012 By Andrew Kang-Bartlett, Presbyterian Hunger Program   The purpose of the Food Justice Fellows program is to connect Presbyterians and others to the agrarian roots of the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament and to inspire and equip

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Fair Trade: Going Beyond Charity

2 mins read

A Global Marketplace Fair trade goes beyond charity by helping people help themselves By Daniel P. Smith, Presbyterians Today   As Colleen Shannon ventured around the globe on various faith-based trips—to Africa and Central America, in particular—a grim, unrelenting reality gripped her, time and again: the gap between her American

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Invite Them In

11 mins read

A RESPONSE TO THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT November 1, 2011, by Editor Chris Iosso, who invites Christians into dialogue about the role the church should play in the Occupy Movement.   A golden calf—that looks like the Wall Street bull statue—is carried through New York’s Zuccotti Park encampment by a bunch

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Action Steps for Economic Justice

13 mins read

Practical Ideas for Taking Action [wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Economic injustice and the economic crisis can seem so expansive and complex that it is often hard to imagine any kind of action on our part that can make a difference. So let us take a step back and reflect strategically. What


The Poverty Initiative

8 mins read

“Raising up generations of religious and community leaders committed to building a social movement to end poverty led by the poor.” HISTORY Founded in May 2004 by Union students in collaboration with seminary faculty, staff and community leaders, the Poverty Initiative was charged with the mission of raising up generations

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Religious Action for Affordable Housing: Creating Community

46 mins read

  Aug 2011 (original, 2009) by Nile Harper   This article is an abridged version of a case study that appears in the book by Nile Harper, Journeys into Justice: Religious Collaboratives Working for Social Transformation [Minneapolis: Bascom Hill Publishing Group, 2009], 85-109, available from and It is


The Dark Night of the American Economy

3 mins read

Oct / Nov 2011 Issue: On economic crisis and injustice   Table of Contents Editors’ Corner “How Dark an Economic Night Does It Have To Be?” Chris Iosso “A Walk on the Economic Side, Looking for Power,” Patrick David Heery An Invocation from the Presbyterian Church (USA) “Living through Economic

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