Feb 3 - March 27

The Arts and Justice Project
is a new initiative that highlights the intersection of the arts, justice, and Christian faith.  The Arts have influenced and reflect how we see the world and express our calling as people of faith.  The Arts and Justice Project invites young adults (18-30) to submit the creative ways in which they express the need for justice.  Whether it be through music, visual arts, dance, film, and anywhere in between, this project invites you to be creative.

After the submission process, The Arts and Justice Project committee will pick 3 submissions that truly embody the purpose of the project. 
The creators of these submissions will receive: 


$200 scholarship
Feature on both the Unbound and UKirk websites and social media platforms
Feature on the upcoming Unbound podcast
Display at General Assembly

There is also a category for campus ministers and chaplains. Scholarships do not apply.

How to submit

Submission Process and Instruction


All creators must submit their creations to The Arts and Justice Project committee. Content and creations must be original and contain original material.  Copyrighted or trademarked material may not be used within the content. 

To submit, please send submissions to [email protected]. All subject lines must include “The Arts and Justice Project Submission.” Include in your submission 1.) YOUR NAME 2.) A SHORT BIOGRAPHY and 3.) A CLEAR PICTURE OF YOURSELF. 

The diversity of the arts means that there will be a diversity of ways to submit.  Below you will find instructions for the variety of forms of expressions. If you create something that does not follow the below guidelines, send inquiries to [email protected].

Visual Arts (material)
Send a clear photo of the piece in the submission email and, if the piece is selected,
we will ask that you send us the piece or a copy of the piece. 

Visual Arts (digital)
Attach the graphic to the email or send a link to a shared drive if the graphic is too large to be sent by email. 

Attach the audio to the email or send a link to a shared drive/streaming service. 

Video and film are normally too large to send through email.  
Film and video will need to be uploaded to a YouTube channel or a shared drive.  Include the link in the email submission. 

Performance (dance, spoken word, etc.)
Dance performances, spoken word and other performative types of art will need to be videoed or recorded. 
Again, send a link to the shared drive or platform where the video or recording will need to be uploaded. 

Text (poems, scripts, etc.)
Attach the document to the email. Any other forms of media (video, audio) will need to follow the guidelines above. 

The Arts and Justice Project is sponsored and supported by Unbound and UKirk Ministries.