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Black History Month

The multicultural legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A version of this article was first published, originally in Spanish, on Jan 15th here. This version was  first translated by the author, and then edited with his consent. In 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr.’s book The Trumpet of Conscience

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6 Things to do during Black History Month

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Black History Month is now upon us. As February rolls in, we once again turn our attention to the Black liberators, educators, preachers, teachers, ancestors and revolutionaries. Though our hearts and minds should be focused on them all year round, Black History Month centers our Black siblings, and now more


Reparations to Repair Today’s Widening Rifts: A White Millennial Endorsement of the Reparations Conversation

20 mins read

One of the most universal and repeated messages in the Bible is that God loves justice. Yet, when the word “reparations” is thrown into the political ring as a possible counter to the damages done by slavery, even strongly progressive individuals often dismiss it as “a liberal fantasy” or “just

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“Selma, Lord, Selma”

10 mins read

From Admiration to Action Five children (4 girls and 1 boy, who departs in the opposite direction halfway down) are walking down steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church. They are discussing typical girlish things. “I got my hair pressed that morning, and it was wasted when I hit the