Living with OCD and Imagining a Gentle God

11 mins read

The Doxology we sing has the phrase “Praise God above ye heavenly host.” I didn’t know until recently that “host,” also used in phrases like “Lord of Hosts,” means “army.” Are we meant to fight for God, or fear God’s attacks? Are we meant to think in holiness in terms


The Wilderness Is Not a Treadmill: Diet Culture and Lent

10 mins read

Much like the phenomenon of New Year’s resolutions that pack gyms, and overwhelm our garbage with “bad” food, Lent has developed a reputation for a time in the liturgical calendar of giving up something usually pertaining to food. And before that, Fat Tuesday, a moment where folk overly indulge in


Auld Lang Syne: A Reflection on Pastoral Realities

15 mins read

Auld Lang Syne literally translates to “old long since.” This poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 questions the listener to reflect upon days gone by. It seems appropriate to name that very familiar tune in light of the viral response to the resignation of Rev. Alexander Lang from church


Neurodiversity and the Church

12 mins read

I was diagnosed with ADHD less than a week after graduating from seminary. The diagnosis was a kind of grace, permission to forgive myself for what I’d thought were moral failures. That’s why my room and desk were a perpetual mess. That’s why I’d started writing my forty-page thesis three


A Mega Change Is Needed

9 mins read

Our church is thriving at nearly 200 members. We have a talented youth ministries director, a fun and inspiring, multiage Sunday School class during worship, snappy contemporary praise music once a month, a food pantry, and a weeknight dinner church for young children and their families. It’s a transformative community,

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