6 ways to Fight for Reproductive Justice


In a multitude of faith traditions, the body is seen as bearing the mark and the image of the Divine. And as more and more legislation is aimed at the control over our bodies and our autonomy, it is crucial that faith communities speak up and act out in solidarity with Reproductive Justice. Reproductive Justice, as defined by SisterSong, is the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities. And yes, provide safe and accessible abortions along with other medical care. In order for true Reproductive Justice to be achieved, we need a unified reproductive and faith strategy, which is why we are in relationship with these partners, along with individual congregations and communities to turn the tide. Join all of us as we amplify the efforts of people of faith to shift the culture around reproductive access.

Here are just 6 ways to get involved in the fight for Reproductive Justice: 

  1. Practical support
    • Connect with abortion providers via Abortion Care Network or Planned Parenthood
    • Abortion funds are independent, grassroots organizations developed to support the specific needs of their community. Find your local fund with the National Network of Abortion Funds.
    • Practical support organizations provide logistical assistance for people seeking abortion care. This might mean support for travel, lodging, childcare, meal assistance, direct cash assistance, and more. Learn more about your local Practical Support Organization from Apiary.
  2. Education
  3. Pastoral care
    • Familiarize yourself with available resources to provide judgment-free spiritual care for people making reproductive decisions.
    • Faith Aloud provides nonjudgmental spiritual counseling to people across the country on our free, confidential clergy counseling line. Call 1-888-717-5010 to be connected with our specially trained counselors, who are clergy of diverse faith backgrounds and denominations.
    • Abortions Welcome is a pro-choice spiritual companion for use before, during, and after abortion.
  4. Worship
    • Designate a service to focus on Reproductive Justice. Include Reproductive Justice concerns in your prayers, sermon, liturgy, etc.
    • Consider using the Roe Sunday Resource created by SACReD.
    • Make space to share your faith and reproductive story with your community.
  5. Advocacy & Organizing
    • Learn what is happening in your community and at the state level
    • Is there a ballot initiative you could support?
    • What candidates are up for election and how do they represent your values?
    • Host a letter-writing party to send letters to your elected officials
    • Attend the next protest with a sign showing your faithful support for Reproductive Justice
    • Connect with this coalition of faith-based reproductive rights and justice organizations as we work for a world where there is reproductive justice, dignity, and freedom for all. Learn about the movement at tinyurl.com/DobbsFaithResponse
  6. Donate
    • Give to organizations directly involved in this work at the intersection of faith and reproductive freedom. See examples below.
    • Dedicate your offering one Sunday to one of these organizations.

This JustList was created in partnership with SACReD.

In a SACReD world, religious communities shift the culture to make Reproductive Justice a lived reality.

Our mission is to create and equip a network of spiritual communities with liberative religious education & practices that shift our culture to advance Reproductive Justice. We affirm bodily autonomy and moral agency, celebrate healthy sexuality, and advocate for reproductive dignity to support the flourishing of all people and families.

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