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Racial Justice

The Bible, Prayer, and Our Confederate Heroes

5 mins read

As the call for racial justice for our Black siblings echoes throughout the country, it has not only hit large cities, but also small communities. Local ministry leaders are calling out racism and white supremacy within their own contexts. Jeff Moles, a Christian educator in Owensboro, Kentucky, recently submitted


Black is King: Anatomy of a Homily

7 mins read

On any given Sunday morning these days, we gather around our laptops or phones, or gather in small, distant family groups in our churches’ sanctuaries to worship and to hear a word from God. In the context of our beautiful liturgical traditions, we are comforted by the familiar rhythm of


Presbyterians and the American Civil Rights Movement

10 mins read

The recent, tragic death of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests currently occurring throughout the United States and the world have fanned the flames of a movement that has burned for over sixty-five years. With new names and organizations entering the movement, the fight for civil rights


Lazarus is Walking in Baltimore: A Resurrection Uprising

42 mins read

Initially, it seemed like small talk on a typical Sunday afternoon. That, at least, is what I imagined when I sat down at a round table with Treshawna Williams, LaChelle Rice, and Phyllis Scott in Reid Chapel, just outside the main sanctuary of the First & Franklin Presbyterian Church, in


7 Ways White Jesus Perpetuates White Supremacy

5 mins read

For many white folk, the image of Christ as a white man is normal. Portraits by the famous artist, Warren Sallman, hung is many white households instilling the image of the white Jesus in the minds of white church members. When a Google search is conducted to find images


Holy and Sacred, Black Rage

3 mins read

You are present in the cries of “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.” You shimmer brightly in the flames of buildings crumbling to the ground as they are consumed in flame. In the calls for protests and direct action. In the stirring of pots, the laughter of children,

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