Creative Team

As a faith and justice-based publishing platform, Unbound is grounded in the voices and perspectives of the marginalized, oppressed, churched and unchurched.  Unbound is also a space of creativity, innovation, and curiosity. In order for Unbound to continue this work, the Creative Team imagines with Unbound a future of developing a stronger voice in a sea of faith perspectives and publications.

The Unbound Creative Team consists of writers, creatives, theologians, and activists who vision publishing and creative content as a means to further the work of justice in our world. This team is composed of young adults, ages 18 to 40, as Unbound grows to be a space for young voices of faith and justice.

The Unbound Creative team:

  • Facilitates and participate in creative sessions for Unbound content
  • Broadens the Unbound writing network forming a group of young writers of faith
  • Crafts more equitable processes in Unbound writing and publishing
  • Consists of ambassadors for the work of Unbound, sharing the work with networks and socials
  • Each member creates at least 2 pieces of content a year for the Unbound platform
  • Meets 3 times a year, two of which are virtual and one of which is an in-person retreat.

The Unbound Creative team is composed of 6 members, each member to serve a 2 year term with the ability to serve 1 consecutive term. 


Rev. Brooke Scott (she/her) is a Presbyterian pastor of two new worshipping communities in Delaware, “Church on Main” and the emerging group called “Seek Respite.”  She is also a trained social worker with experience in homeless intervention, mental health, and suicide prevention. Brooke is originally from the Philadelphia area. She is passionate about the intersections of race, gender, sexuallity, mental health, and religion. Brooke is an intentionally interfaith practitioner. In her free time, she enjoys reading, music, musical theater, and practicing yoga. 


Rev. Emily Wilkes serves as the Associate Pastor for Public Witness at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church in Durham, North Carolina. A native of South Carolina, she received degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) and Davidson College (Bachelor of Arts in Sociology). She enjoys reading, creative writing, practicing yoga, theater, and spending time outside with her spouse and rescue dog.

Madelyn Jones, MDiv (she/they)
is an educator, poet, theologian, and storyteller whose research interests include queer exegesis, neurodivergent theology, 
and the intersections of religion and pop culture. A self-described “heretic,” she is especially fond of engaging with the Christian texts that shaped her formative years in ways that push back against traditional interpretations and prompt tough questions that have historically been met with silence and suppression. She is currently in the editing phase for A Heretic’s Lament at the End of the World: Poetic Theologies for Those Left Behind, a collection of poetry dedicated to those whose pursuits of authenticity and the genuine may have distanced them from their faith communities, yet led them closer to the Divine than ever before. When she’s not writing, Maddie enjoys musical theatre (performing and watching), social media (consuming and creating), and video games (playing and designing). A product and current resident of the North Carolina Piedmont, Maddie is quite fond of Cook Out, Cheerwine, and the Carolina Panthers, even if they keep trading all of her favorite players. They are happily married to their partner of nearly five years, and together, they’re raising a “menagerie” of two rabbits, a corn snake, a ball python, and a pitbull mix. 

Jules Leslie Webb (they/she) is a writer, artist, and organizer from a small town Northeast Indiana and is currently based in Nashville, TN. A Faith and Social Justice student at Belmont University in the Class of 2025, Jules explores the intersections between Christian theology, anti-fascist/anarchist movements, and transqueer perspectives through comics.
To them, “anarchism is about reexamining and co-creating social relationships by composting systemically oppressive hierarchies and generating beautiful new forms of horizontal power in the shadow of Empire.”
Their ongoing organizing work relates heavily to the intersection of ecology, decolonization, and abolition. You can find them on Instagram @open_eyes_comics.
Michelle Muñiz (she/her/ella)
Born and raised in San Juan, Michelle serves as the Disaster Recovery Coordinator in Puerto Rico for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. She works directly with mid-councils, congregations and partner organizations involved in disaster response and long-term recovery process, including hosting volunteer teams. Michelle enjoys traveling, is a photography fan, and can’t start her mornings without a cup of coffee.

Fiona Schieve is part of the creative team at Unbound. She is from Winchester, Virginia and grew up going to Massanetta Springs Bible and Church music retreat in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She took a gap year between high school and college where she worked as a campaign volunteer to help flip a district that had been red since 1981 blue during the “blue wave” of 2018.

She recently graduated from the College of Wooster with a joint bachelor’s degree in political science and religious studies. She was a dedicated part of her college’s Ukirk group where she made some of her best college friends. Her senior independent study project, “GOP Jesus and Trump: An Exploration of the Usage of Evangelical Christianity by Donald Trump,” explored how the former president was able to gain the support of evangelical “value voters” on the Right during the 2016 electoral cycle. This project received both a Paul DeWitt Twinem Bible award and an award for most timely research.

Currently she is a fellow at Sojourner’s magazine, filling the role of Circulation and administrative assistant.

In her free time Fiona enjoys baking, exploring DC, and thrifting.