FFPCUSA and MRTI Recommend United Approach to Divestment

8 mins read

We are living amid an existential and devastating climate crisis, demanding a moral and theological response across global institutions. The urgency of this crisis has only escalated since fossil fuel divestment was first introduced at the General Assembly in 2014. At that time and in the years since, there is one thing that Fossil Free PCUSA (FFPCUSA) and the Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) have agreed upon: the gravity of the crisis requires an urgent and robust response.


Abolition and the Cross: Reimagining Society and Salvation through Restorative Justice

6 mins read

I was recently at a book club facilitated by Abolition Apostles, a Christian abolitionist ministry, where we discussed the book The Fall of the Prison: Biblical Perspectives on Prison Abolition by Lee Griffon. Micah Herskind, a Public Policy Associate at the Southern Center for Human Rights and a Christian abolitionist, led that day’s session and said something that has stayed with me since. He was speaking about retributive justice and its connection to the Christian faith and said, “Do we believe in prisons because we believe in Hell or do we believe in Hell because we believe in prisons.”


Hallowed but not Sacred: An Epiphany of Capitol Violation

9 mins read

Moderate and progressive Christians have always found it hard to take Donald Trump seriously as a false messiah, much less an actual one. In the name of Trump, some 1000 or so extremists invaded and occupied the Senate and House chambers for several hours on January 6, prompting many Republicans and Democrats to refer to those sites as “sacred” spaces that had been desecrated by force and vandalism. For some, democracy may itself be sacred, by which they mean of highest value. The ritual of publicly counting the electoral votes from the states was thus a sworn duty that was


Out of the tombs

by Lee Catoe, Editor

Did Jesus Really Have a 6-pack?

During Holy Week, I can’t tell you how many photos, portraits, paintings, digital graphics I saw of Jesus with a 6-pack. Not a 6-pack of beer. Not a 6-pack of Coke. BUT BULGING ABS along with rippling muscles, flowing conditioned hair, and amazing quads. There on a cross is a


Scarred Body and Broiled Fish

Brooke Scott, a young, Black leader in the Presbyterian Church USA, in an Instagram Story question, asked, “What does it mean to you that Jesus still had scars after the resurrection?” Flipping through my Instagram stories, I held my finger on this question, and stared at it for about 15mins.


Setting the inner compass: A Poetry Column

by Dave Brown


Reading poetry is one of the ways some of us nourish our faith, a way we set or reset our inner compass and stay focused on the big picture, on the spiritual journey. I know that is true for me. In this monthly column, ‘Setting the Inner Compass’ I share



Yesterday I took the well-worn 2022 calendars off our dining room and kitchen wall and hung the brand new 2023 ones. I like calendars. In the kitchen we have one from Iona and another with amazing photographs of turtles. On the dining room wall is my favorite, a Kelly Latimore


Justice is a Verb

by David Mills

Presbyterians and the American Civil Rights Movement

The recent, tragic death of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests currently occurring throughout the United States and the world have fanned the flames of a movement that has burned for over sixty-five years. With new names and organizations entering the movement, the fight for civil rights


Publica: Theology in Public Life

by Yenny Delgado


Women worldwide continue to be stigmatized, excluded, and discriminated against simply because of the lack of understanding of women’s natural body cycle. Unfortunately, menstruation is still considered unspeakable in polite conversation, society, or church. This has been made even more prescient in light of the recent shortages and price hikes


Sermon: 225th GA Presbyterian Church USA

To the Presbyterian Church USA, The General Assembly, and the coordinating committee, I offer my sincere thanks for this opportunity to share, worship, and reflect together. I pray that this message helps us to grow and continue on our journey to be the church we are called to be. Growing


The Word in Transition

by Mack Griffith

Waiting on the Porch: Hope for those Rejected

In Luke 15, the evangelist recounts three parables of Jesus, all with a common theme of finding lost things. The first two are the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. In both stories, one sheep/coin is lost, and rather than settling for what remains, the shepherd (15:1-7)


Toxic Trans Masculinity & Gideon – Part 2

In the first chapters of the Gideon narrative (Judges 6-7), an angel approaches Gideon while he is hiding in a wine press and informs him that God is calling him to be the judge and deliverer of Israel. As transgender people must grapple with disbelief, acceptance, and coming out, Gideon