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A Model Prayer: Lift Every Voice and Sing

The following is a sermon preached by Rev. Nathan Dell based on the text of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by James Weldon Johnson, Hymn #339 in Glory to God. Two widely known prayers that are often set to music

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Defending the Johnson Amendment at GA 223

10 mins read

This article advocates on behalf of overture 06-16 before the 223rd General Assembly. In particular, it responds to criticisms levied by the Advisory Committee on the Constitution (ACC) that the overture would “would reverse long-standing foundational principles of our denomination.” The overture, along with its full rationale, the ACC’s critique,


Resisting Harassment in the Church

15 mins read

Past and Future Measures to Challenge Coercive Sexism. An earlier piece by Managing Editor Henry Koenig Stone addressed the call of Christians to engage individually with the MeToo movement and fight to reduce sexual harassment and abuse in the United States through critical self-awareness: “Choosing Vulnerability in the Wake of


A Presbyterian Affirmation for Election Day

3 mins read

The Voice of a Congregation on Faith & Politics: Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church, Pearl River, NY In the brief statement that follows, a congregation first lifts up key values—not policies or positions—and then calls out divisive rhetoric. They go to scriptural themes and the Book of Confessions. We would note the


The Limits of Binary Politics

12 mins read

Since you are reading Unbound, I suspect you are appalled, as I am, by the prospect of a Trump presidency, and that you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8. According to the binary logic of American electoral politics, the only way to stop Trump is to


Shame as a Political Virtue

14 mins read

Back in 2005, I wrote an essay entitled “Shame as a Political Virtue.” [1] It began as follows: I was standing in the checkout line at Blockbuster Video and couldn’t help but notice two young boys running wild near by. One of them ran beside a shelf with toys on

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