Chris Iosso

Why Warren should stay in: An Anti-Sexist Case

Warren gave as her core motto at the end of the last debate a reference to Matthew 25, seeking to recognize herself and the divine even in the “least of these.” Whatever the ideological fine points, there she spoke to

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The Committee on the General Assembly (COGA) has a very weighty set of decisions in front of it. The General Assembly, currently scheduled for June 20-27, 2020 in Baltimore, MD, likely cannot be held physically during that time frame. Yet the church is mandated to have one in 2020, and


The Rite To Weep Over Jerusalem

14 mins read

A Tradition to Counter Historical Amnesia. For everyone following the common lectionary, this Sunday (March 17) includes what is called Jesus’ “lament” over Jerusalem, Luke 13: 31-35. His weeping occurs as the city comes into view in chapter 19, verses 41-44. Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem is the framework for Lent,


Lent and Unrelenting Brutality

4 mins read

A Reflection and Prayer for Ash Wednesday “Emergency” is the right word for the brutality that borders so much of our manageable, even comfortable lives. Today, a friend recalls the prophet Joel’s call: “Rend your hearts and not your garments.” (Joel 2:13). Lent calls us to see more of the

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