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The Perpetual Foreigner Virus (PFV)

7 mins read

Like wildfire, the Covid-19 pandemic is racing to every corner of the earth, affecting all of humanity. With the death toll rising exponentially every day, who is not afraid of this angel of death? We are living in fear. Our anxieties are high. Home has become a quarantine space, a


Mission Coordination Committee [10], GA 223

23 mins read

The Mission Coordination Committee of the General Assembly considers: “Mission programs authorized by General Assembly; PC(USA) vision and mission goals; Organization for Mission and General Assembly Mission Council Manual of Operations; mission budget; audits; churchwide compensation; initiatives on church growth and the 1001 Worshiping Communities program.” (Source: Topics Addressed:


Casting Out Our Pride

15 mins read

Confrontation and Confession in Charlottesville The events in Charlottesville this weekend remind me how dangerous it can be to be proud of your identity. In the midst of that ultimately violent confrontation, I was proud to see Presbyterian clergy among the many people of faith standing up to the massed

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