Lee Catoe


John 20: 1-18 “Run, run faster than him,” says the one whom Jesus loved. “I must get there to see if this

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We Can Love Better

9 mins read

I was 12 or 13 when I began to develop different ways of harming myself. It started with biting my lip to the point of ulcers and bleeding. It moved to biting the inside of my jaw that left me unable to open my mouth or even eat. The inability


Scarred Body and Broiled Fish

10 mins read

Brooke Scott, a young, Black leader in the Presbyterian Church USA, in an Instagram Story question, asked, “What does it mean to you that Jesus still had scars after the resurrection?” Flipping through my Instagram stories, I held my finger on this question, and stared at it for about 15mins.


A Light Shined on the Capitol

6 mins read

Yesterday, the United States Capitol was infested with a predominately white mob of domestic terrorist fueled by hate, fear, and conspiracy. These events occurred, not by coincidence, during the Feast of Epiphany, a moment in Christian history when the light of the star above the Christ child revealed to humanity


SCOTUS Has Fallen: A Letter from the Editor

4 mins read

I woke up this morning with little to no sleep, reading the headlines and watching videos about the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. I woke up this morning to tweets and Instagram posts from queer people scared that their marriage will be


Tearing Down the Bloody Vineyard

12 mins read

In the past year, oh what a year, we have seen so much in such a small amount of time. We have been consumed by a plague and pandemic that has killed our siblings especially are siblings of color and those who are poor. We have seen no justice


The Canaanite Woman and the Accountability of Jesus

11 mins read

The story of the Canaanite woman infuriates me. Commentators and scholars, particularly male identifying ones, that focus on this woman’s persistence (which is notable) often make me wonder why we can’t hold Jesus accountable for his actions toward her? Breaking down this story we see that Jesus, after he gives


What are the Unclean Spirits? A Sermon for Now

17 mins read

Where are the demons? What are the demons? What are the unclean spirits? Questions Christians have been asking for thousands of years. Demons have been equated with mental illness. Demons and unclean spirits have been equated with “being different”, being differently abled, being “crazy”. In scripture, it is the


The Arts and Justice Project Finalist

1 min read

The Arts and Justice Project has chosen out of the amazing submissions these artists and writers as the top submissions this year. To view submissions, click on the picture of the artist or writer.  Thanks to all who participated in the first year of the project. We look forward to

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