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The Perpetual Foreigner Virus (PFV)

Like wildfire, the Covid-19 pandemic is racing to every corner of the earth, affecting all of humanity. With the death toll rising exponentially every day, who is not afraid of this angel of death? We are living in fear. Our

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A View from the Inside/Outside

17 mins read

Watching the PC(USA)’s Task Force to Review and Help Reform Drug Policy in the United States Months earlier, the process had already begun. Members of a task force appointed by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy of the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America had convened twice,


30 Days with the Belhar Confession

1 min read

Reflections on Unity, Reconciliation and Justice This useful companion to the Belhar Confession, published by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, weaves together Scripture passages and the Confession’s timely themes of unity, reconciliation and justice. Written by a diverse collection of scholars, theologians and church leaders, it is the perfect resource for


“You Look Like a Thug!”

19 mins read

Dog-Whistling and Sin-Talk It happened most recently on a family trip to a museum. This trip was particularly special because the museum had recently accepted my wife’s fiber art piece into one of its shows. I sat outside the gallery on a balcony that overlooked the small theater that was


“This is What Theology Looks Like!”

22 mins read

Participation of Reformed Churches and Clergy in Demonstrations in Ferguson This essay is an excerpt from Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty’s contribution to Calvinism on the Peripheries: Religion and Civil Society in Europe, ed. by Ábrahám KOVÁCS, co-edited by Béla BARÁTH (Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2009), 295 pp. The events that have unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri,


Dear White Liberals

12 mins read

It was a typical muggy August day in Chicago when I pulled up to McCormick Seminary in my U-Haul van, trailed by a car full of college guys – my brother and his friends, who had agreed to help me move into my new seminary housing in exchange for some

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