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Sweetwater Cultural Center: The First Steps to Repentance and Reconciliation

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On November 20, 2019, the Presbytery of Hudson River formally transferred the title of the former Stony Point Presbyterian church and associated property to the Sweetwater Cultural Center, a newly formed organization dedicated “to promote the education, health and welfare of indigenous or native peoples and to preserve their cultures


Casting Out Our Pride

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Confrontation and Confession in Charlottesville The events in Charlottesville this weekend remind me how dangerous it can be to be proud of your identity. In the midst of that ultimately violent confrontation, I was proud to see Presbyterian clergy among the many people of faith standing up to the massed

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Pride, Fear, and the Future of the Church

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Lessons from Harry Emerson Fosdick On May 21, 1922, Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick climbed into the pulpit of First Presbyterian Church in New York City. It was a precarious time for the denomination. Congregations were battling each other. Members were chastising members. Conflict seemed the order of the day. The

Interfaith delegation including young Jews and rabbis with Jewish Voice for Peace who advocated for boycott and divestment at the Presbyterian General Assembly.

Caught Between Promise and Prudence

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Why the PC(USA) 220th General Assembly Voted Against Divestment By Robert Trawick   View and Print as PDF.   The General Assembly has come and gone, and amidst much sound and fury, we now face the task of reflecting on what we have done and who we are now. From

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Searching for God’s Economy in Protestant Theology

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  2011 by Robert Trawick View arti­cle in PDF (opti­mal for printing) [wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] In his 1912 book Christianizing the Social Order, Walter Rauschenbusch wrote: Business life is the unregenerate section of our social order. If by some magic it could be plucked out of our total social