When Will Ego Destroy The Church?

15 mins read

We’ve seen throughout the centuries and with the advancement of technologies like radio, then TV, then streaming, cable, podcasts, etc. that someone, a person or people, drives the motivation and the charisma of a faith space. They may be preachers, directors, musicians, televangelists, or lay leaders. There is something about


Becoming the True Body of Christ: Disability in Ministry

8 mins read

On October 8, 2022, the Earlham School of Religion hosted their annual pastors’ conference on Zoom and at their campus in Richmond, IN. With the theme Disability in Ministry, the conference showcased speakers with experience in disability as church members and leaders and gave practical advice for how churches could


6 Ways to Live into Spirituality

4 mins read

It’s that time of year! Spirits and souls make their ways to our imagination through all things Halloween or All Hallows Eve. But what would it look like if we decommercialized this season and lived into spirituality more? The work of justice stems from a Spirit that moves us and


“Reconciliation” and “Unity”

11 mins read

Before arriving to the 11th Assembly on the World Council of Churches, I had no expectations or really any idea as to what I was about to attend. “Reconciliation” and “unity” were heavily sprinkled throughout the merchandise and materials we received, and those words were heard and seen more than


Did Jesus Really Have a 6-pack?

10 mins read

During Holy Week, I can’t tell you how many photos, portraits, paintings, digital graphics I saw of Jesus with a 6-pack. Not a 6-pack of beer. Not a 6-pack of Coke. BUT BULGING ABS along with rippling muscles, flowing conditioned hair, and amazing quads. There on a cross is a

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