6 Ways to Live into Spirituality

It’s that time of year! Spirits and souls make their ways into our imagination through all things Halloween or All Hallows Eve. But what would it look like if we de-commercialized this season and lived into spirituality more? The work of justice stems from a Spirit that moves us and calls us into action. This Spirit swirls within us and outside of us, calling each of us to a life that is abundant, authentic, and just. Here are just 6 ways we can all live more into our spirituality:


1. Find Your Roots

One way to begin our spiritual journey is through finding our roots, tracing, and tracking our ancestors, and discovering the spirituality of our people. Tapping into who we are and how we came to be is important spiritual work. It can be as simple as using an ancestry website or a hereditary DNA kit. Finding our roots connects us with the ways in which the Spirit moved when our ancestors dwelled.

2. Create Spiritual Practices

Finding ways to connect with the Spirit in our everyday lives is a vital step in living into our spirituality. Daily or weekly practices that create space for the Spirit to move are great ways to connect. Whether it be through meditation, song, or nature walks, spiritual practices keep us diligent and steadfast in our search for spiritual nourishment. Westminster John Knox Press and The Upper Room are great places to begin the journey of spiritual practices.

3. Spend Time in Nature

Many indigenous traditions and spiritualities are birthed out of the connection with nature and our creation. Going for hikes or camping may be a way to reconnect with the natural world and to see the Spirit work within creation.

4. Dismantle White Supremacy

Systems of oppression, racism and white supremacy want us to be unrooted, homogenized, and spiritless. These systems have attempted to erase the spiritualities of people of color and their ancestors for centuries while also stripping the spiritualities of white folk. White supremacy needs the whitewashing of the Spirit so that it can work. We are all implemented into these systems and we must work to dismantle them systemically and individually.

5. Be Curious

Spirituality demands an open mind and heart, and it requires curiosity – the longing to experience and to know. This work can be uncomfortable, unpredictable, and mostly unconfined. Living into our spirituality is about the discovery both of ourselves and the ways in which the Spirit shows up. Stay curious and open in this journey.

6. Connect it with Justice

The work of justice is energized and pushed by the Spirit. As we nourish our souls through spiritual practices, we then can go out into the world to take on the injustice. The work of living into our spiritualities is the work of justice because through it we dismantle systems of oppression and because of it, we continue to destroy those same systems.

This JustList was created by the Unbound team.

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