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Advent Justice Reflections (Year C)

This resource for worship or study is freely available for use and adaptation. Please remember to give us a shoutout! A Printing-friendly pdf of these reflections is available HERE (7 two-sided pages).  Note from the Editors Though Advent is a season

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In Defense of Truth

13 mins read

In the McCarthy Era, newspapers had a problem. They tried hard, as we might say in modern parlance, to be “fair and balanced.” But, in trying to do so, they actually made things worse. Senator Joseph McCarthy would accuse various Americans of being Communists and Soviet spies. Newspapers would then


Breaking Down Walls: A Collaborative Response to Climate Change

12 mins read

Originally published on October 27, 2016 at Environmental advocates on all sides of the PC(USA)’s divestment debate at June’s General Assembly meeting were dismayed, if not depressed, by the outcome. We entered the week with one widely supported overture from Fossil Free PCUSA and 31 presbyteries, three well supported


Fossil Fuel Divestment: Strengthening Our Response to an Urgent Crisis

11 mins read

A Perspective from Fossil Free PC(USA) In the shadow of the Paris Accords, rising global temperatures, and changing climates, we are thankful for the many voices discussing climate change in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We recognize that our denomination has suffered and survived turmoil in the wake of the last


Divesting from the Sins of Our Past

25 mins read

Climate change has quickly emerged as one of the world’s greatest threats. You only need to turn on the television or peruse a newspaper to see the devastating effects on environments and communities around the globe. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a denomination committed to responding to God’s call to

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Ecumenical Chaos and the Christian Ecosystem

12 mins read

Ecumenism is a useful word, but it’s small. Ecumenical is a useful word, and it is vast. Ecumenism refers to institutional commitment. Ecumenical refers to an organic reality. My first awareness of ecumenism and ecumenical commitments came when I was studying Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was fully involved in ecumenical concerns

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