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As Close as our Very Breath

A Sermon for Those Who Feel Afraid Text: John 20:19-25 Ask a scholar about the word “breathe” and she will tell you that this is the only place in the entire New Testament where this word shows up. Surely they

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Principalities and Powers

8 mins read

Originally Published August 10, 2016 at Regardless of possible calamities with the fall elections, the two part series in the NY Times this week makes clear who’s in charge. It’s the Brookings Institute, or the American Enterprise Institute, or the Center for International Studies, etc. Two of them are


Christ, Culture, and a Broken Democracy

27 mins read

We are in the midst of a strange election season, to say the least. I have heard more people say, “I’m just not voting,” or “I don’t have anyone to vote for,” in this election than in any other in my lifetime. In an extremely polarized society, perhaps the one


Why the Election Debates Are So Frustrating

18 mins read

(Because Real Discourse Requires…) The September 6 issue of The New York Times featured an Op Ed article by David Brooks who exposed Donald Trump’s mis, dis, and simply false information about the effects of immigration on American life. But David had begun his article with something generic and anterior