6 Ways People of Faith can be COVID Proactive

Believe or not (and hopefully you believe), the pandemic is still raging on with the growth of COVID variants. People of faith have a vital role in the proactive measures to stop the spread and encourage vaccinations. Here are just 6 ways people of faith can be COVID proactive:

  1. Stop Misinformation
    While COVID cases rise due to the Delta variant and the high numbers of unvaccinated people, misinformation about the vaccines and COVID  has created quite the death dealing mess.  And unfortunately, some church leaders are instigating misinformed and simply false information when it comes to COVID. Church leaders have the power to change this narrative and offer their congregants true information. It is life and death. Call out misinformation, those who spread it, and offer the true alternative.
  2. Wear a Mask
    It’s pretty simple. Wearing masks significantly decrease the transmission of COVID and its variants. Wearing a mask is not a partisan statement but a way to protect ourselves and our neighbors.
  3. Vaccine Education
    Vaccinations work and should never be political. Church leaders have a responsibility to create space to have conversations about vaccination hesitancy and misinformation. Bring in local doctors or nurses who are informed and are advocates for vaccinations. Learn the history of vaccinations in this country to have well informed conversations.
  4. Theological Connection
    This is a theology issue. God created us in God’s image and our embodiments include health and public health. Loving our neighbor is a foundation to the Christian faith. Keeping ourselves and each other safe and healthy should be our basic motive in the fight to get the pandemic under control. Christianity has no space for idolatrous notions of false freedom, hyper-individualism and nationalist motives.
  5. Believe in Science
    Science is always evolving and changing. When it comes to COVID or the vaccines, many scientists are still learning about the virus and how they interact with the vaccines. We shouldn’t discount science when it learns something new nor create more confusion during this process. Science is a process and we have to trust that process.
  6. Dismantle White Supremacy
    At the core of oppression, misinformation, power grabs and death dealing is white supremacy. People of color are disproportionally impacted by COVID as well as low vaccine distributions. Rent, work, and childcare have been lost by many people especially those who are experiencing poverty.  As we continue to fight the pandemic, we must also continue to dismantle white supremacy – the other pandemic.

This JustList was produced by the Unbound Team.

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