6 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

June is approaching fast which means that Pride month will be upon us soon. Queer and Trans folk all over the country will prepare for parades, dances, drag shows, teaching moments and so much more. But in the last few years, Pride has taken a turn into more capitalistic ventures while anti-queer and anti-trans bills are consuming state legislatures. Our world continues to see violence against those who are deemed different and disposable like our dear and beloved Palestinian siblings who are currently experiencing genocide in their lands. This year, it is more important than ever to stand in solidarity with the people who society demonizes, especially the LGBTQIA+ community. Here are just 6 ways to celebrate Pride month!

  1. Celebrate Queer Joy
    Queer joy needs to be celebrated in all its manifestations. Pride is a time for laughter, fun, and authentic joy. Queer joy is also contagious.  Empowering people to celebrate who they are also empowers others to search for who they are and find themselves.
  2. Support Queer Business and Communities
    Keep Pride going by putting your money where your mouth is. Queer businesses throughout the country and the world are often marginalized. Do your research and find a local queer owned business to support. A city or town may have a LGBTQIA+ chamber of commerce which could make it easier to locate these businesses. Learn about your local LGBTQIA+ centers by locating your local center here.
  3. Integrate Queer Theology
    Our theologies are in need of a liberation boost. Under the liberation theology umbrella are queer theologies that expand our ideas of God and the divine. Books such as Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology by Pamela R. Lightsey, and Radical Love: Introduction to Queer Theology by Patrick S. Cheng are great resources to get started. But it must go beyond books. We must continue our work of inclusion through music, liturgy, and ritual.
  4. Empower Queer Youth
    Young people are the future and meeting young people where they are is essential in empowering them. Our queer youth need support because of increasing anti-trans legislation and discrimination and bullying. Organizations like Beloved Arise are transforming what youth ministry looks like and we must continue to create spaces for queer young people.
  5. Representation
    Representation and symbols matter. Put up the Pride flag and keep it up! Pride flags are important to continue the message of love and affirmation. Churches, especially, have been places of harm for our queer siblings and flying the pride flag does matter. However, a flag isn’t enough. We must do the work to be truly welcoming and inclusive.
  6. Intersectionality
    Keep Pride going! We must continue the conversations and actions that connect the ways systems of white supremacy and racism impact our lives. The queer community must continue honest conversations as the broader society should. This means that when our Palestinian siblings are suffering, we too must stand with them. This means when our Black and Brown siblings are suffering, we too must stand with them. Our oppressions are connected.

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