Becoming an HIV and AIDS Competent Church

Produced in collaboration with the Presbyterian AIDS Network, and building on a ground-breaking conference at Johnston C. Smith Theological Seminary, Unbound explores prophetic witness and compassionate action in response to HIV and AIDS. 

George Kerr

HIV/AIDs: A Call to Action

George Kerr is Executive Director of the START at Westminster program in Washington, D.C., providing HIV/AIDS advocacy, education, testing, counseling, and referral

Johnson C. Smith Seminary

Witnesses to AIDS

A new generation of AIDS advocates by Leslie Woods. In December, the Office of Public Witness (OPW) had the very great pleasure

Emily Rose Proctor

What Would Jonah Do?


An HIV/AIDS Advocacy Sermon A Sermon by Emily Rose Proctor, originally preached on the 1st Sunday in Advent, World AIDS Day, December