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The “Educate a Child, Transform the World” Campaign in the PC(USA)

Frank Carousel“Educate a Child, Transform the World”: International, Interview with Frank Dimmock

“Great progress has been made in increasing access and enrollment. However, the numbers of students has greatly outpaced the numbers of qualified teachers and available resources, thus classes are overcrowded and quality has decreased.” Read Article

Gina Meester CarouselTeaching Girls In Pakistan: One Presbyterian’s Experience Participating in International Educational Mission, Gina Meester

“In the 1800s, missionaries purchased land and built schools to educate Pakistanis. The schools were well run and provided quality education for many students – and not only for Christians!” Read Article

Jan Heckler CarouselThe EBMI Project in Madagascar: Evidence-Based Methods of Instruction, Jan Heckler

“The EBMI Project is important not only because it will improve the lives of every child who goes to an FJKM school but also because improving the quality of education is a primary way the PC(USA) is attempting to address the root causes of poverty.” Read Article

Eileen Carousel 2Into the Words…Recalling our Heritage: The Domestic Expression of “Educate a Child, Transform the World”, Rev. Dr. Eileen Lindner

“The urgency of this work is told in the rates of infant mortality and teenage suicide, in lives doomed from their outset to despair and desperation, and in the squandering of God’s gracious gift of intelligence and imagination – the defiling of the sacred imago Dei.Read Article


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