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The Privilege of Only Singing ‘Our’ Song

It is most unlikely that Reginald Heber, vicar of the village church of Hodnet, meant to be hostile to or dismissive of the peoples of the world when he penned a hymn urging the church to its missionary task. Heber

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“From the Slave Dungeons of Cape Coast”

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A Nigerian Presbyterian Reflects on the Global Slave Trade [ezcol_1half]What madness Extreme inhumanity Not accidental Not mere mistake Planned and executed In utter wickedness. Humans turned into goods Packed in tins Stored in darkness Without sunshine Without rain Utter insensitivity. Sorting of sorts The weak and the strong To utilities

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Missio Dei and the Problem of Western Captivity

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The Missio dei. In Latin, it means, simply, ‘mission of God.’ The term itself is perhaps symbolic of the way we have grown in our understanding of the relationship between mission, God, and God’s church. As a concept, missio dei has gained popularity and influence throughout the twentieth and twenty-first