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Discovering the Doctrine of Discovery

It was in August of 2013 that I traveled to New York City with the Faith and Politics Institute (FPI) and a group of Congressional Representatives on what was described as “Becoming America”: a pilgrimage to celebrate the immigrant story

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Apology Isn’t a Sexy Word

9 mins read

On Item 11-08 and Apologizing to Native Peoples Apology isn’t a sexy word. Quite often it seems like a weak word. A word we want to skirt around. A word we want to avoid. But that’s been the problem. We as a people of faith are called into something different.


To First Peoples: More Than An Apology

22 mins read

A Primer on Healing and Reconciliation and The Presbyterian Church in Canada Editorial Note:This contribution speaks particularly to items 11-08 and 11-17 before the 222nd PC(USA) General Assembly, which call for an apology to First Peoples in the US and for a study of the Doctrine of Discovery, but it