The Divestment Debate: You’re Invited


Should the church con­tinue invest­ing in com­pa­nies “prof­it­ing from non-peaceful activ­i­ties in Israel-Palestine”? It is a hotly debated question.

Sandra Tamari, right, at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference, alongside Rabbi Lynn GottliebTwo weeks ago, Unbound explored that question through a series of three articles leading up to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly (June 30 – July 7, 2012), where elected commissioners will vote on whether or not to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions for their roles in the occupation of Palestinian Territories. “Divestment as Investment (in Justice)” presents the issue, context, and essential arguments for divestment. “Debunking the Myth of Positive Investment” examines opposing arguments and alternative proposals. “Opting for Boycott” presents boycotting all products from illegal settlements on occupied land as a further step toward integrity, solidarity, and effectiveness.

Last week, Unbound published a response from the United Methodist Kairos Response: “Israel Targets Palestinian-American Human Rights Activist for Deportation“.

This week, Unbound summarizes the argument and expands the conversation to include other voices, some supporting divestment, some not—some already linked in previous articles, some offering new responses since our series publication. We invite you to send us other voices not represented here, or post your own voice below as a comment.

In Favor of Divestment

Against Divestment

Mapping the Debate

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