The Road to Detroit

Issues of Social Justice Before the 221st General Assembly Introduction: When You Have a Dog in the Fight: Reflections on an Ethical Dilemma, Gene TeSelle Why in the World Are Presbyterians Taking a Stand on Drones When Nobody Cares and … Continue reading


June 2014

The Road to Detroit


Issues of Social Justice from the 221st General Assembly
Featuring Young Adult Live-Bloggers:

Casey Carbone CarouselThe Unheard Racial Narrative, Casey Carbone

“Racial and ethnic minorities within the PC(USA) do not want to be ‘assimilated.’” Read Article

tad-hopp CarouselThe New American Idol?, Tad Hopp

“A church that wants to attract and keep young adults needs to be willing to address the Gospel issues that weigh on the hearts of so many in my generation.” Read Article

Shane Webb CarouselA Time for Tough Love for Israeli Brothers and Sisters, Rev. Shane Webb

“It is because of our interfaith relationships, and not in spite of them, that I can express my disapproval of attacks on Israelis by Palestinians, as well as my disapproval of the way the Israeli military and Israeli settlers regularly abuse Palestinian people.” Read Article

Carol Ferguson CarouselCourage to Speak, Carol Ferguson

“The gospel does not allow us to crawl into holes, to avoid conflicts, or to stay home and close the blinds.” Read Article

Presbyterians-Expand-Table-Of-ChristPresbyterians Embrace a Table for AllLayton Williams

“The Table of Christ is not a place where we remain silent in the name of false peace or grudgingly consent to sacrifice our own humanity in the name of unity; it is a place where we dare to trust each other enough to hear and be heard.” Read Article

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