• Paying Rent Through Service
    Freedom Schools with the Children’s Defense Fund 
  • Taking Back Our Education
    The Rising Cost of College Tuition 
  • Into the Words...Recalling Our History
    The Domestic Expression of Educate a Child: Transform the World 
  • Her Voice Matters
    Women's Colleges and Female Empowerment 
Carol Ferguson Carousel

Her Voice Matters

Women’s Colleges and Female Empowerment The tragedy of my educational history is not that in some middle school classroom, the twin pressures of puberty and a plummeting self-esteem finally forced me into silence. The tragedy is that no one noticed. … Continue reading


Feb/Mar 2015

A Pedagogy for the Distressed

Shutterstock Graduation capThinking about the Mission of Public Education

Ferguson family picHer Voice Matters, Carol Ferguson

“Women don’t keep quiet because we are dumb, or because we don’t care. Women keep quiet because we have been taught that our voices are taking up somebody else’s space.” Read Article

Eileen Carousel 2Into the Words… Recalling our Heritage, Rev. Dr. Eileen Lindner

“The urgency of this work is told in the rates of infant mortality and teenage suicide, in lives doomed from their outset to despair and desperation, and in the squandering of God’s gracious gift of intelligence and imagination – the defiling of the sacred imago Dei.Read Article

Scott Rossiter CarouselTaking Back Our Education: The Rising Cost of College Tuition, Scott Rossiter

“The reality today is that many students work full-time jobs while enrolled as full-time students and still can’t earn enough to pay tuition without going into debt.” Read Article

Sharde Chapman CarouselPaying Rent Through Service: Freedom Schools with the Children’s Defense Fund, Sharde’ Chapman

“Many students who come to us do not like reading because they find it hard to connect the stories and characters in the books they are assigned to their own lives and experiences.” Read Article

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