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Principalities and Powers

Originally Published August 10, 2016 at Regardless of possible calamities with the fall elections, the two part series in the NY Times this week makes clear who’s in charge. It’s the Brookings Institute, or the American Enterprise Institute, or … Continue reading


Fall 2016

Unbound: The Election Issue

Elections, Democracy, and the Church in the Public Square


Author Emily OshinskieReframing the Face of Activism: Protest as Prayer & Embracing the “Other”Emily Oshinskie

“Protesting is a prayerful, political, and perhaps even pastoral act of setting boundaries with God, others, the world, and ourselves.” Read Article

Co-author Mara SawdyWe Shall Not Be Moved: Advocacy in the New Age of Voter Suppression, Mara Sawdy, Nora Leccese, Chris Iosso

“In an already partisan political climate, voting rights themselves should not be a partisan issue.” Read Article

Author Rev. Dr. Shannon JungWho Are the Trump Voters? Are They Not Loved by God?Rev. Dr. Shannon Jung

“The rise of Trump was fueled by the anger of those who fear that the future will increasingly neglect them.” Read Article

Chris Iosso Carousel 2Christian Stakes in an Election When Civility and Civil Religion Seems Dead, Rev. Dr. Christian Iosso

“The refusal of a party to play by Constitutional rules is to my mind more damaging of democracy than trash-talking by campaigns. Dysfunction delegitimates quicker than de-marketing.” Read Article

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