Fall 2016

Unbound: The Election Issue

Elections, Democracy, and the Church in the Public Square

Author Rev. Renee RoedererThe Persistence of Trauma and the Power of BeliefRev. Renee Roederer

“We as Christians are called to love our neighbors, and that means we are called to address the realities behind this rhetoric.” Read Article

denise-anderson-photo-carouselThe Message to the Margins: An Election Lamentation and Call to ActionRev. T. Denise Anderson

“No matter who prevailed in the election, someone would be grieving, for sure. But how will we wrap our arms around those who are not only grieving, but are genuinely scared?” Read Article

ACSWP GA 2016 CarouselFor Love of CountryACSWP

“Christian citizenship begins with clarity about our loyalties. A Christian’s first allegiance is to Jesus Christ and God’s reign. Loyalty to the nation is subordinate to our ultimate loyalty to God.” Read Article

Author Rev. Meg Peery-McLaughlinAs Close as Our Very Breath, Rev. Meg Peery McLaughlin

“I started to lament the election results and my friend shyly shared that she voted for the opponent. My stomach dropped, and my neatly ordered categories crumbled.” Read Article

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