Summer 2015

A Year for Confessions

Issues of Social Justice Before the 222nd General Assembly
Gerardo_Reyes_Chavez CarouselThe Boycott of Wendy’s and Advocating Together for a Proven Model to End Exploitation in the Supply Chain
Gerardo Reyes Chavez

“Market consequence is what has made the industry change so completely. And it is consumers, including tens of thousands of Presbyterians, who have pressured those corporations to require their suppliers to change.” Read Article

Elizabeth Welliver CarouselWelcoming the Christ in the Stranger: Being the Church of Matthew 25Elizabeth Welliver

“As a Presbyterian, I believe that our faith is only truly alive when we are willing to risk our status and privilege to stand with the marginalized.” Read Article

Author Rev. Renee RoedererThe Gospel is Intersectional: Considering the Foothills Presbytery OverturesRev. Renee Roederer

“I am stunned to ponder the implications of timing in this proposal. A thematic consideration of the ‘the promotion of social righteousness’ would take place once every eighteen years. Those years mark the span of time from birth to adulthood.” Read Article

Author Rev. Jacob BoltonMaking GA Accessible for All: Dependent CareRev. Jacob Bolton

“While the dependent care policy is not exclusively concerned with childcare (many care for parents, siblings, and other dependents), the majority of people for whom this policy increases access are women and younger adults.” Read Article

Author Rev. Rachel HelgesonApology Isn’t a Sexy WordRev. Rachel Helgeson

“An apology confesses that we failed to recognize that God the Creator, Jesus the Christ, and the Gift of the Holy Spirit was present in these people, tribes, and nations all along.” Read Article

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