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The EBMI Project in Madagascar

Evidence-Based Methods of Instruction Background A widely recognized key to a nation’s or region’s development is access to quality education. Equipped with education, people become better parents, reducing infant mortality and disease, encouraging better school attendance, and being more able … Continue reading

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Teaching Girls in Pakistan

One Presbyterian’s Experience Participating in International Educational Mission Occasionally something happens in your life that you can only explain as a “God-moment.” For me, teaching in Pakistan was just such an experience. I met Veeda Javaid, the Executive Director of … Continue reading

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Somewhere to Start

The “Educate a Child, Transform the World” Campaign in the PC(USA) “Educate a Child, Transform the World”: International, Interview with Frank Dimmock “Great progress has been made in increasing access and enrollment. However, the numbers of students has greatly outpaced … Continue reading


Feb/Mar 2015

A Pedagogy for the Distressed

Shutterstock Graduation capThinking about the Mission of Public Education

Ginna CarouselEducating Whole People: A New ‘Common Core’, Rev. Ginna Bairby

“The purpose of education not merely information, but transformation.” Read Article

Frank Carousel“Educate a Child, Transform the World”: International, Interview with Frank Dimmock

“Substantial research supports the importance of quality education in empowering children and their families to escape from cycles of poverty.” Read Article

Emily Whearty CarouselThe Vocation of Education: A Family Story, Bruce, Laura, and Emily Whearty

“I’ve realized that I have to believe I am meant to be there, or I won’t last much longer. And I want to last. Even through all the frustrations, I find myself loving my students fiercely.” Read Article

Gina Meester CarouselTeaching Girls In Pakistan, Gina Meester

“In the 1800s, missionaries purchased land and built schools to educate Pakistanis. The schools were well run and provided quality education for many students – and not only for Christians!” Read Article

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