April 2014

Just Roots?: Reflecting on Faith with the Millennial Generation

Roots Header
A joint issue with Presbyterians Today and Horizons written by and about young adults!

Dana Caraway CarouselMillennials, Communal Living, and the Fourfold PathDana Caraway

“Americans in general, especially young White Americans, are poorly prepared to share space and resources with graciousness, honor, and love.” Read Article

Beth CarouselSettling In, Putting Down RootsBeth Olker

“Bottom line: moves are usually our choice. But for the families with whom I worked during my YAV year, the moves that led them to Nashville were far beyond their control.” Read Article

Ginna CarouselRoots or Idols?: An Opening Editorial, Rev. Ginna Bairby

“When we reflect longingly back on the Presbyterian Church of the 1940s, the 1950s, or even the 1980s, how do we toe that fine line between honoring our roots and worshipping our idols?” Read Article

JaimeJin CarouselWhen the Shoe Doesn’t Fit: Growing Up Asian American and Adopted in a Southern White ChurchJaime-Jin Lewis

“Adults in church were very insistent in a colorblind analysis of the situation. Statements like, ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts,’ and ‘God loves everyone regardless of skin color, and so do I,’ seemed wildly naïve to me as they echoed throughout my childhood.” Read Article

Mark CarouselA Life of Grace (or Why My Family Lives in an Intentional Community)Mark Van Steenwyk

“We don’t practice hospitality in spite of our son; we do it, in part, because of our son.” Read Article

Ariel CarouselRoots Entangled: My Bi-National MarriageAriel Givens

“When a couple comes together as partners in marriage, they enter into an entanglement process in which their roots begin to combine and form the structure that will form the base for a new family.” Read Article

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