April 2014

A City On A Hill: Urban Ministry in the 21st Century

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Week 3: God in the Midst of the City

Joseph L Morrow CarouselMapping the City: From Ministry Tourists to PilgrimsJoseph L. Morrow

“Pilgrims map the city not with a desire for experiences, but rather for transformation.” Read article

Phil Tom 2 CarouselCongregation-Based Community Organizing: Building Vibrant Congregations and Just CommunitiesPhil Tom

“It is no secret that Presbyterian congregations across the country are seeking to experience spiritual renewal, to revitalize their congregational life, and to transform themselves and their communities.” Read Article

Cathy CarouselSelf-Development in the City, Rev. Cathy Surgenor

“SDOP is founded upon the basic presupposition that people are capable of solving their own problems one step at a time if given access to basic resources.” Read Article

Michael Fagans CarouselFollowing the Call of the Prophets, Michael Fagans

“The voice of the prophet Isaiah leaps off the pages of the Bible and into our lives through the ministry of SDOP.” Read Article

Coming Later This Week

-See the Face of God in the City, Glenn Balzer

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