September 2014

Apocalypse How?

Melting Earth

Climate Change, Eschatology, and Christian Responsibility: Week 3

Ray CarouselWhy a Carbon Tax?Ray Roberts

“Telling people that we need to pass a carbon tax is a little like telling people they need to lose weight or eat their spinach: People do not like hearing it.” Read Article

RebeccaBarnes CarouselCelebrating 5 Years of Earth Care Congregations, Rebecca Barnes

Read the stories of the first 14 congregations Certified Earth Care Congregations in the PC(USA)!  Read Article

Carbon Pollution, EPA Regulation, and YOU!Leslie Woods

EPA CarouselThe EPA is receiving comments and testimony on emission regulations through October 16th! Add your voice! Read Article

Creation Justice MinistriesClimate and Church: How Global Climate Change Will Impact Core Church MinistriesCreation Justice Ministries

“The impact of global climate change is already calling on the church to provide more financial resources and volunteer services to meet the growing needs of people in poverty in the U.S. and around the globe.” Read Article

Eric Mount CarouselGetting a Hearing on Climate ChangeEric Mount

“Some people don’t listen – or don’t want to listen – to environmentalists because their message is often that apocalypse awaits us unless we radically transform our way of life by swearing off cheap energy from fossil fuels.” Read Article

Berry CarouselCreation Care in the Great Economy: A Conversation with Wendell BerryEric Mount and Wendell Berry

“I would like to see the Christian Gospel amount to something. I am very clearly implying by saying that that I don’t think it currently amounts to much. I think this dualism is right at the heart of the matter.” Read Article

chris-iosso CarouselPrincipalities of New Power: Why Apocalyptic Language? When Prophetic Isn’t Enough, Chris Iosso

“The prophetic critique often remains too tied to the existing structures, seeking reform even while resisting. The apocalyptic generates alternatives.” Read Article

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