Summer 2015

A Year for Confessions

Issues of Social Justice Before the 222nd General Assembly

Kevin Johnson Carousel“And Still We Are Not Saved?”: A Season Yet to Come, Rev. Kevin Johnson

“Until the church of America in general – and the Presbyterian Church in particular – can come to grips with the season at hand, with the need for true confession, we will be like those disciples found in John’s Pentecost story: gathered in our houses of worship behind closed doors.” Read Article

Ben Perry CarouselDivesting from the Sins of our Past, Benjamin Perry

“Divestment is our only hope to cut through a political process currently rendered stagnant by an influx of money propagating fossil fuel dependency.” Read Article

Daniel CarouselOne Year After: US and Cuba Relations, Rev. Daniel Izquierdo

“Could a future president reverse the agreements and advancements? Yes, of course, most of them are under presidential executive orders. Would it be wise? Not so much if business is happening already.” Read Article

More articles coming later this week!

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