Nov/Dec 2014

“Hearing the Voices of Peoples Long Silenced”

mouth-taped-shutGender Justice 2014: Week 4

Rachel Mastin CarouselLeft Wanting More: ‘Touchdowns for Jesus’ and Domestic Violence in Big-Time Sports, Rachel Mastin

“My love for sports often clashes with the priorities and convictions that drive the rest of my life.” Read Article

Mount Shoop CarouselWhy the “Entitled Athlete” is Not Where I Fix my Feminist Gaze, Rev. Marcia Mount Shoop, Ph.D.

“I didn’t write about the narrative of the entitled athlete because I believe that the underside of that story is where the problem actually lies.” Read Article

Jen Pelling Carousel#BringBackOurGirls: Tweeting Prayers to the Almighty, Jennifer Pelling

“It is hard to believe six impossible things before breakfast…for six months.” Read Article

Leslie Woods CarouselWomen in Poverty & The ‘American Nightmare': A Story of Economic Oppression, Leslie Woods

“It is becoming increasingly apparent to the average citizen that our economy is designed to oppress huge groups of people.” Read Article

Learning from Organizers in New Haven: Interviews with Mothers for Justice

“MFJ’s witness is three-fold: telling the story, making recommendations, and then working to move the needle and make things happen.” Read Article

Coming Later This Week:

Why Child Marriage Subsists – And Why It Shouldn’t, Janet Guyer
-Closing Editorial: Gender Equality is Just Freedom, Dr. Chris Iosso

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