Summer 2015

A Year for Confessions

Issues of Social Justice Before the 222nd General Assembly

Co-author Mara SawdyOur Bodies, Our Faithful ChoicesMara Sawdy

“It’s time we cleared up this terminology: Pro-choice is not the opposite of pro-life.” Read Article

Geoff Browning CarouselAll We Want is Peace, Rev. Geoff Browning

“At the very least, we must be careful not to create national mythologies that obscure our ability to clearly see the log in our own eye before we remove the speck in the eye of our neighbors.” Read Article

Author Brooklynn SmithThere is Such a Thing as Being Too Gentle 

“It seems to me that Presbyterians ought to be in the business of repentance.” Read Article

Author Noushin FramkeExcept on Palestine?Noushin Framke

“A new category of activist came on my radar. Ones who are informed and cognizant of human rights violations and the need to turn the tables and stop the injustice, but who check those values at the door when it comes to holding Israel accountable.” Read Article

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