Fall 2016

Defending the Common Good

10 “Swamps” Where Christians Must Take Action
(Defending the Common Good, Part 1)
Chris Iosso 

“Now is a time requiring a massive public clarification of what Jesus’ teachings actually are” Read Article

henry-koenig-stone-headshotOn Prophetic Vision: Letter from a New Managing Editor, Henry Koenig Stone

“Faith and a questioning mind drive each other to free difficult and uncomfortable truths from the assumptions that bind them.” Read Article

Sanctuary, for the Word and for the People
Donna Schaper

How can the state ask religious institutions to violate the principle of forgiveness?  Donna defends the word “Sanctuary” by placing it in its religious context, arguing that the act of providing sanctuary lies at the heart of church identity. Read Article

In Praise of Summer Camp
Kimberly Alexander

For each of us, our moral and faith experiences need places to root. Writing as a teacher and as a camp counselor, Kimberly tells of her own experience of faith grown through summer camp, and speaks to the broader principles of self-teaching and safe spaces for inquiry that help so many youth develop their faith and their minds.  Read Article

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