5 Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day


No matter your views of militarism or war, the reality is…we must listen and care for those who have sacrificed so much. Veterans are more likely to suffer from physical, mental, and spiritual problems. They are more likely to experience economic and financial burdens leaving many of them homeless or verging on poverty. Here are just 5 ways to celebrate the brave people who served in our military forces:

  1. Simply Reach Out
    There is great power in reaching out to people. Calling, texting, emailing. Tell a veteran how much you appreciate them. Be a listening partner. Sometimes the simplest act of reaching out can make all the difference.
  2. Volunteer
    VA hospitals and other outreach programs are always looking for volunteers. Do your research. Search for local organizations that are working with veterans and get involved!
  3. Deconstruct Extreme Militarism
    We all have our own inner work to do when it comes to how much we rely on and perpetuate war and military force.  We are all in a system that tells us that this is the only way to achieve peace. The PC(USA) has policies and resources to help begin these conversations with congregations and churches. The book Tribe is also a good resource to start with.
  4. Talk About Mental Health
    Our veterans are suffering from mental illness, and we don’t talk enough about it especially in the church. Find ways to speak out and provide space to have the difficult conversations surrounding mental health.
  5. Hold a “both/and” Mentality
    Often in progressive circles, veteran affairs and issues are ignored because of the prominent views of anti-military. We must be able to humanize our military while also criticizing its power and downfalls. We can do both and we must do both.

This JustList was created by the Unbound team.

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