6 Ways to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day is not just a time to celebrate but it is also a time of action. We must celebrate our Native siblings while also working toward justice and equity. Here are just 6 ways to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day:

  1. Support Indigenous Businesses

Supporting and purchasing from Native owned businesses is a great way to celebrate, not only the day, but every day. A quick Google search can tell you where your local native businesses are located as well as more national businesses. GO SUPPORT!

2. Condemn the Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery was a papal bull that set into motion the actions of European nations slaughtering millions of native people to take their lands. Many manifestations of the Doctrine of Discovery have since developed, all being perpetuated by institutions of faith. Here is the stance of the Presbyterian Church (USA). How are you condemning the doctrine of discovery?

3. Read Native Authors

Authors like Tommy Orange, Joy Harjo, and Vine Deloria Jr. are native authors that everyone should know. Go to your library and get to reading…if your library doesn’t carry native authors, ask them to change that!

4. Acknowledge the Land

Recognizing the stolen land we dwell upon is crucial in our constant confession of the sin of white supremacy and racism. The land that we inhabit was once the land of great nations and we must continue to remember that. Use https://native-land.ca/ to find the indigenous nations whose land you are on.

5. Advocate for Reparations

Because of the generational trauma and stealing of generational wealth from native peoples, we must begin the work of repair. What do reparations look like for the Native community? How does the church begin to do this work?

6. Donate to Indigenous Led Orgs

Native led organizations are vital in the work of equity and justice. Native people are doing transformative work within their communities because they know their people and their context. And they need resources. Here are a few Native led orgs, but also, do your research for local organizations you can support.

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