Comprehensive Digest of Social Witness at the 220th PC(USA) General Assembly


Confessions of the Church

Item 18-01: On Amending The Book of Confessions to Include the Confession of Belhar

Approved with amendment by the Assembly. This overture asked the Assembly to begin the process of amending The Book of Confessions to include the Confession of Belhar, as adopted by the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church. Belhar served a prophetic and reforming role during the theological struggle against apartheid in South Africa, a role modeled on the Barmen Declaration of 1930s Germany. The amendment allotted funds to the special committee, charged with studying the Confession, as a budget for education across the church.

The ACSWP Advice and Counsel related consideration of Belhar to work on the Accra Document and other declarations of conscience, including Kairos Palestine.


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