“Melt Down”: A Song About Gun Violence


Music and Lyrics by Lee Catoe, Managing Editor of Unbound

Gold should melt in a fire
Liquid beauty to make whatever
Necklace on your neck or rings on your hand

But Gold becomes an Idol
Shines too bright and rivals
the light of the ones who once did stand

Bullets should melt in a fire
But shot and kill whoever
And money comes and it doesn’t matter who is dead

And Bullets become idols
Shining too bright and they rival
Innocent lives and the souls of our kin

Time is passing by
Like a deep demon’s sigh
And the lives of our children
They die….
They die
They die

Melt down your idols
Gold, guns, and violence
They come before us and the power we share

Melt down your idols
For the love of God
Too many are gone and too much darkness stand


Lee Catoe, A native of the small, rural town of Jefferson, South Carolina, Lee now calls Nashville, TN home. He is a graduate of Presbyterian College (2010) with a B.S. in Biology and a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School (2019) with a Masters of Divinity.  His thesis work incorporated the intersection of songwriting and Queer Theology with a focus on incarnational theology and embodiment.  Stereotypical of living in Nashville, Lee is a songwriter, plays guitar and, occasionally, performs.

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