Prayer for Creation


God of the rivers, valleys, mountains, and forests
God of the lakes, bayous, creeks and oceans
God of the birds, sky, fish, and creature
Your people give you thanks
Your children bask in the glory of your grace filled grasses
We run through your meadows with the joy of life

But, yet, we feel the heat and feel the sizzling ash of your Amazon
We generate the ever so small molecules of disaster that cover our world
With every puff of smoke, with every frack, with every mine, with every drill
With every hurricane too strong to bare, with every person who suffers
Your creation, our creation, slips away from us like an oil-soaked otter
Our creation withers, breaks, and boils while we sit in paralyzed denial

Oh God soften our hearts and cool down our divisiveness
Open our minds to the ways in which we hurt your creation
May we experience the beauty of the earth now, tomorrow and always
Give us our yearning, our curiosity, our longing to care
For we have lost it

God of the native, the immigrant, the soul, and space
God of winds, rain, the harvest and time
God of us, them, y’all, and we
Help us, guide us, anger us, and move our feet
For we are creation and we are slowly dying.


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