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"Church." Painting by Jonathan Burstein

Homelessness & Affordable Housing Sunday

This Sunday, August 5, 2012, churches all across the country will turn their prayers, and hopefully their hands, toward homelessness and the need for affordable housing. The situation is dire: 750,000 to 1 million people sleep on the streets every

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The Solution to Homelessness is a Conversion Experience

10 mins read

Many good-hearted people of faith are at the forefront of the fight against homelessness in the United States. In fact, without the involvement of religious communities, few if any resources for neighbors struggling with homeless would exist. Soup kitchens, overnight shelters, daytime resource centers, treatment programs, and permanent housing are

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Revelation in Davidson

3 mins read

A response to the following news story. It was late, when she turned onto Caldwell, wondering if the kids were in bed yet, if her husband had remembered to take out the recycling. She was ticking through e-mails still unanswered, when she spotted the dark form, lying knees to chest


Seek the Welfare of the City Where I Have Sent You

10 mins read

In 2010, I decided to embark on a major life transition. I left my comfortable, full-time job, gave up my car, and moved. Why, you might be wondering? What adventure could I have possibly signed up for? Where would I be going? Someplace exotic and exciting, right? Well, sort of.


Cardboard and Concrete

13 mins read

My experience with street ministry in San Francisco’s Tenderloin Neighborhood did not save anyone. It did not fix anyone’s problems or end homelessness. But I believe that it made a difference in an important way that continues to ripple out into the world; it has done so in my life. My

anna louise inn protest

Save the Anna Louise Inn: A Safe Home for Women

11 mins read

Western & Southern Financial Group Wants to Tear Down Affordable Housing for Women and Build Condos — Don’t Let Them! By Susan Quinn Bryan, Cincinnati, Ohio   August 5, 2012, is Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday. But it is not just another “issue” day. It is churches in the Presbytery

Wes Pitts

Refusing to Outsource Justice

9 mins read

McCormick Theological Seminary By Wes Pitts   View and print as PDF.   Where I am from, churches do not do social justice. At best, they support non-profit organizations, which do the justice work for them. Social justice is farmed out to the secular world, while churches focus on spiritual

sign that reads "will work for food"

New Brunswick: The Plight of the Poor

10 mins read

  September 1, 2011 by Dawan O. Buie Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div. Class of 2013   [wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] Summer is usually a time of relaxation from the cares of the world. The summer of 2011, however, was of an entirely different kind: it was no vacation from the