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Between the Bang and the Whimper

Prophetic Hope in an Apocalyptic World “This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a whimper.” These famous lines from the

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O Little Town of Bethlehem

14 mins read

An Advent Conversation with Chosen? As Walter Brueggemann says on the very first page of his recent book Chosen?, “Reading the Bible with reference to any contemporary issue is at best tricky and hazardous.” Reading the Bible in Advent in light of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is both natural and dangerous.

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Preparing for the Journey

2 mins read

The following poem was written by Caryl Westerberg as she prepared for the Mosaic of Peace Conference of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program during which more than 100 Presbyterians traveled to Israel/Palestine to listen people – Jewish, Christian, and Muslim; Israeli and Palestinian – involved in the work of peace and